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So you want to play For Honor. You want to wield ancient weapons, master historical fighters, and master skills passed down through generations. Well, there’s a catch. Before you start playing, you must figure out which For Honor character is the right pick for you! With so many options in the game, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Luckily, we’ve come up with this character guide to help you.

For Honor is a hyperrealistic fighting game released by Ubisoft in 2017. Since then, the amount of content, players, and metas have only ever gone up.

Now in its fifth year of release, the game has five factions with over 30 heroes available. Each character or Hero differs from one another through their unique moveset and skills but the historical feel you’ll find once you play with them. For now, read on to understand more about these ancient fighters.

The Five Factions

Characters in For Honor stem from the five factions found across the land of Heathmoor. Each faction provides a Hero a unique identity through historical access to their moveset, armor, weapons, and language. Additionally, this provides them with feats based on their culture and incentives within the in-game universe. 

The Knights of Ashfeld

The Knights of Ashfeld
Image from Fandom

The Knights of Ashfeld represent a whole roster of medieval European warriors and ancient Roman fighters. In their region of Ashfeld, they believe that the ruins around Heathmoor are remnants of their once glorious past. 

The Knight faction also contains the newest Heroes in-game, with the addition of Warmonger and Gryphon. The Knights are the catalyst for many in-game events and ongoings in For Honor. Apollyon, the main villain of the For Honor campaign, also comes from this faction.

Mechanics-wise, the main draw of the faction comes from a mix of unblockable attacks, unique bashes, and the use of shields for guarding against all sides. Their faction has some of the easiest and most fun heroes to play. 

The Vikings of Valkenheim

The Vikings Of Valkenheim
Image from Fandom

The Viking faction of the game represents the ancient warriors of the far north. In Valkenheim, they are composed of a group of raiders, survivalists, and battle-weathered warriors. These individuals gather into clans and frequently war amongst themselves.

The Viking Faction primarily features hulking and powerful warriors with even more brutal weapons. Waxes, hammers, spears, and greatswords are commonly found amongst them. Meanwhile, their armor consists of chainmail, leather, and furs, if they wear any.

Mechanically, the main draw of the Viking faction is their immense offensive power. They have a lot of throws, damage dealing combos and can take hits and keep on dealing damage. 

The Samurai of the Dawn Empire

The Samurai of the Dawn Empire
Image from Fandom

The Samurai Faction stays in the mires of Heathmoor and parallels the ancient warriors of Japan. They are honorable warriors who master their skills with the blade to make up for the few warriors they have.

The faction is one of the more unified factions, composed of noble houses and an emperor. The current emperor Ayu and their house, the Chosen, stay atop the faction hierarchy.

Characters in the Samurai faction tend to be more mobile than other characters; they do not have shields and focus on quick combos and parries to make up their defense. 

The Wu Lin From the Celestial Dynasty

The Wu Lin from the Celestial Dynasty
Image from Fandom

Warriors from the east, the Wu Lin, is a splintered group of warriors fleeing a civil war in the far east. Bearing a distinct resemblance to Chinese warriors, the Wu Lin are masters of weapons, unarmed combat, and the secrets of black powder.

The Wu Lin is the second most recent faction in the game. Their warriors are extremely dynamic, with new movesets and mechanics evolving from the original three factions. Their fighting style is dynamic, focusing on dodging, attacking from different angles, and taking opponents by surprise.

As soldiers of fortune, the Wu Lin now range across Heathmoor and change its future, for better or worse.

The Outlanders

The Outlanders
Image from Fandom

The newest faction of the Outlanders represents wandering warriors from all over the realms. These warriors have no allegiance to anyone but themselves, not even to each other, and are a mystery to the other factions. Through their travels, they bring a different aspect to the fight, whether through firearms or a long-lost civilization’s weapons.

The Heroes here all rely on never before seen mechanics and weapons to battle against the other factions. Although new, they represent a force that has never before been seen in For Honor. 

Hero Classes

Classes in For Honor are divided according to the heroes’ roles. Heroes can be any of the following.

  • Vanguard
  • Heavy
  • Assassin
  • Hybrid

These different classes determine the playstyles of the different heroes mechanically. In different game modes, for example, they gain more renown by fulfilling certain objectives, such as dueling or holding down points. Here is a breakdown of how each class plays. 

Playing Vanguard Heroes

For Honors Vanguard Heroes
Image from Fandom

Vanguards lead their faction and represent them throughout the battlefield as the most well-rounded and symbolic characters. Vanguards do not excel in one particular role but are adept at doing all of them. 

As a jack-of-all-trades for their faction, the Vanguards can put themselves against other specialists in a fair fight. As they are adaptable, they can fulfill various roles, such as dueling, disruption, capturing points, and more. They gain the most renown by capturing and holding points. They round out team compositions and fill in any lacking roles.

Vanguards, overall, are the easiest heroes to play as they do not have as many difficult mechanics to master. Even in high-level play, they hold their own due to their adaptability to any situation. 

Playing Heavy Heroes

For Honors Heavy Heroes
Image from Fandom

Heavies are the tanks of For Honor. They have high health pools and stamina reserves to hold points and protect allies. These heavies also have some of the most damaging attacks in the game, able to floor enemies if they land them.

The main downside to playing a heavy hero is their lack of mobility. Not only are they rather slow in terms of movespeed, but their attack animations are also quite predictable. Unless you have the patience to wait for the right blow, you leave yourself open to the blocks and parries of your opponents.

The main trick to playing a heavy hero is patience. In wars of attrition, you will most definitely win. If you wait for the time to unleash your fury, you are an excellent pick for holding down locations and ensuring nothing gets through. 

Playing Assassin Heroes

For Honors Assassin Heroes
Image from Fandom

Assassins take the lead in For Honor based on pure offensive capabilities. These lethal heroes have a skill set that allows them to duel enemies and retreat after dealing an outstanding amount of damage. 

Through their speed, they can deflect incoming blows, attack isolated heroes, and rush too far off points to take control of the game. Although they are more fragile compared to other heroes, a skilled assassin knows that never getting hit is a far superior skill. 

Through their signature deflects, Assassins are perfect for getting the drop on your opponent and turning the tide of battle when everyone least expects it. These heroes are hard to play, and master, but they prove deadly once taken to their full limits. 

Playing Hybrid Heroes

For Honors Hybrid Heroes
Image from Fandom

Hybrid heroes are known as such because they have a unique style different from any other hero in the game that makes them work for any role once mastered. Unlike the Vanguard, an all-rounder, a Hybrid Hero requires more training and investment. Although they can be used for any role in a team game, they naturally excel at certain tasks more, depending on your playstyle.

A hybrid hero often has a certain niche that they excel. You might want to pick a hybrid hero to fulfill certain roles as they integrate some unique mechanics. Some are duelists with tanky-ness, some are speedy supports, and some just can’t be defined other than by how fun they are.

As they are so unique, Hybrid heroes introduce an element of randomness in games so that the meta evolves according to how different people want to play. This makes For Honor a game that puts your fun in the spotlight!

Heroic Profiles

Now that you know the categories the different Heroes fall under let’s take a closer look at some of these characters. Each one is a unique hero with different play styles and designs. Choose whichever you want, and feel free to take them out for a spin.

Vanguard Heroes


Wardens For Honors
Image from Fandom

Faction: Knights

Wardens are one of the easiest Heroes in For Honor but also some of the fun and deadliest. The Warden has access to several unblockable finishers and a chainable shoulder bash that allows them to trample enemies.

In addition to their offensive move lists, they also have a decent defense using their longswords, carrying, and using light attacks to interrupt their opponents. They are a great introductory hero for new players and can carry them to high-level duels. 


Raiders For Honors
Image from Fandom

Faction: Vikings

The Raider is a ferocious warrior who hurls themselves bravely on the battlefield at a tide of enemies just as easily as a ship breaks the waves. Armed with a massive Dane Axe, they cleave through enemies to achieve objectives. 

The Raider is armed with powerful heavy attacks with Hyper Armor to ensure they win trades against their opponents. Their zone attacks cut wide swathes through the enemy and can become unblockable. In addition, the Raider has one of the best throws in the game, allowing them to move their opponents around easily to control the battlefield. 


Kensei For Honors
Image from Fandom

Faction: Samurai

The Kensei are the generals of the Samurai army and are armed with a massive Nodachi to control the area around them with their superior range. With Hyper armor on several finishers and an unblockable top heavy, they cleave through opponents to gain victory.

Despite their massive blade, the Kensei or Sword Saint is deceptively agile. Their dodge attacks allow them to get around most attacks while allowing them to strike from different angles. Their mastery of the blade allows them to feint attacks, leaving opponents unaware of where the next strike comes from.


Tiandi For Honors
Image from Fandom

Faction: Wu Lin

Masters of the Dao and bodyguards to emperors and kings, these Tiandi are now rogue warriors fighting for a goal only they know. This goal serves them well with their blade as they can easily dodge incoming attacks and counterattacks when they do so.

As a master of martial arts, they can easily break guards with a swift palm strike, leading their opponents dazed for a quick light attack. Meanwhile, a powerful kick after a heavy attack sends opponents flying, leaving the Tiandi with room to work his blade. 


Warmongers For Honors
Image from Fandom

Faction: Knight

The Warmongers are the true wolves in knights’ clothing as they embody the teachings of Apollyon, the warlord responsible for the war amongst all the factions. These Warmongers wield Flamberge great swords, cruel blades to strike out at opponents. 

Their clawed gauntlets can make several attacks undodgeable and unblockable, bleeding their opponent’s life force. With their cruel blades, they can also pin their opponents into walls with an impaling charge, destroying their will to fight. Finally, they uniquely have power over corruption feats that slowly damage foes, sapping their strength and leaving them at the Warmonger’s mercy.

Heavy Heroes


Conquerors For Honors
Image from Fandom

Faction: Knights

The Conqueror from the knight faction is a violent criminal who has risen to the ranks of Knighthood to crush the opposition. Armed with a powerful flail, they can charge their attacks to break through armor and steel. Meanwhile, using their shields, they can play dirty and strike out at their enemies, ensuring an opening for a spiked flail to land. 

With their heater shield, the Conqueror can block from any direction when in a certain stance. As they bide their strength, they can lash out with their flail with unblockable strikes that can quickly gather momentum to take out their enemies.


For Honors Warlord
Image from Fandom

Faction: Viking

Armed with shields and longswords, the Warlords were the leaders of clans in the Viking faction. Armed with their shield, they can fully block any attack and await the storm. Once they are ready, they can explode into counterattacks, bashes, and headbutts to stun their opponents. 

These warriors can easily counterattack as they can access stabs even when holding their shields up high. When they go on the offensive, undodgeable zone attacks and crushing counter-light openers ensure that their opponents fall quickly.


For Honors Shugoki
Image from Fandom

Faction: Samurai

The Shugoki are the traditional guardians of the Samurai. Wielding a Kanabo club, these warriors have the strength and will of unsurpassable soldiers. Their attacks, when charged, can break any armor. Meanwhile, they can shrug off most attacks, leaving them free to rain down blows on their opponents. 

The Shugoki are masters of the war of attrition, as their throws can heal themselves while damaging their opponents. Meanwhile, they can become an unstoppable power force, charging through the battlefield with their sprint attack.

Jiang Jun

For Honors Jiang Jun
Image from Fandom

Faction: Wu Lin

The Jiang Jun are the generals and strategists of the Celestial Dynasty. Wielding the Guandao moonblade, they can defend large areas of territory from even the most determined attackers. They do this through wide zone attacks and heavy sweeping attacks that can decimate groups of opponents. Meanwhile, a unique stance keeps their stamina constantly regenerating, allowing them to repel tide after tide of attackers.

Even in duels, these wise weapon masters can hold their own as they can throw and choke out opponents, draining them stamina. Additionally, unblockable zone attacks and heavy finishers make sure that their opponents drop before they can even reach the general.

Black Prior

For Honors Black Prior
Image from Fandom

Faction: Knight

The Black Priors are knights from the Blackstone legion who have come back at the turn of the tide to bring back a deadly kind of warrior to Ashfeld. Armed with their heavy kite shields and arming swords, they can flip their opponents around and control them, making defense the best offense. 

Their sword and shield combos allow them to engage any damage with Bulwark Counter while dealing wide AOE damage with Bulwark Slash. Additionally, their light openers and thrusts have crushing counterattacks, allowing them to trade and punish anyone underestimating their skills. With this signature style, they are an undying knight who can negate all damage while laying down justice with their slashes.


For Honors Hitokiri
Image from Fandom

Faction: Samurai

The Hitokiri wields huge executioner axes to inspire fear in the enemies of the Samurai. These fearsome heavy warriors use a Masakari and grow stronger the more they deal damage, and boy, do they deal damage. 

These man-slayers can briefly enter Mugen-Ryu, a state that grants them special moves with infinite heavy chains with Hyper Armor to wreak devastation. With their Rei Kick and powerful sweeps, they can quickly clear out a room. Meanwhile, their final charged heavy finishers pass through enemies’ guards and ensure that duels are a swift execution.


For Honors Jormungandr
Image from Fandom

Faction: Viking

To go against a Jormungandr is to go against a priest of the world serpent. A fanatical zealot with a huge Warhammer, they knock their enemies and batter them around with bashes to deplete their stamina. Once they’ve tired out their foes, they can pummel them to offer their souls to the world serpent. 

Their attack chains allow them to quickly recover or push forward with an attack while their finishers knock back opponents and leave them reeling. Once they are defenseless, and on the ground, the Jormugandr can smite them and ensure they cannot get back up.

Assassin Heroes


For Honors Peacekeepers
Image from Fandom

Faction: Knight

Where the knights loudly proclaim their oaths and announce themselves on the battlefield, the peacekeepers are the silent blade that solves problems. These silent assassins are unpredictable, with multiple soft feint attacks to get under an opponent’s guard.

A single strike by them can leave their target bleeding, with subsequent strikes growing stronger to bleed the enemy out. These warriors are masters of redirection, switching any attack into a sudden stab. Meanwhile, deflecting attacks allow them to quickly overpower their enemies with the first of a barrage of cuts.


For Honors Berserker
Image from Fandom

Faction: Viking

Berserkers, too many, are mindless beasts with no regard for their safety. What they fail to grasp is their unrelenting will to ensure their foes lie dead. Their love of combat allows them to overwhelm opponents and cause havoc before a defense can be erected. They can cut down multiple foes with their zone attacks and break an opponent’s guard with a successful deflect.

As they cut down enemies, they can enter the Dance of the Paired Blades using light and heavy side attacks to whirl their axes forever until they end with an unblockable finisher. Even when their attacks miss, they can cut down multiple opponents with their zone attacks to continue the offensive.


For Honors Orochi
Image from Fandom

Faction: Samurai

The Orochi is the Samurai’s Imperial assassins. Their goal is to roam the battlefield and headhunt every opponent that crosses their path. Trained in the arts of stealth and deception, they are the right hand of their Daimyos and dispatch foes with a quick slash of their Katana. When that fails, they improvise and use techniques such as throwing knives and poisoned blades.

In combat, these relentless assassins can dodge failed attacks to continue their assault and break uninterruptible attacks with a deflect attack. Their attacks, after dodging, allow them to catch opponents in their path with undodgeable strikes. Meanwhile, they can overwhelm their opponents with continuous strikes to break them down. 


For Honors Shinobi
Image from Fandom

Faction: Samurai

Armed with a kusarigama and trained in the arts of Ninjutsu, the Ninja is a bogeyman to the rest of the factions. A hidden weapon trained to gather information by all means necessary, these warriors are tricky, deceptive, and deadly. 

The Ninja can quickly reposition themselves on the battlefield and pin enemies with heavy finishers to disable them. They can also combo their enemies with quick dodge attacks, kicks, and bashes to disorient them. When they successfully deflect an attack, they can vanish from sight, reappearing behind their target to knock them out.


For Honors Gladiator
Image from Fandom

Faction: Knight

The Gladiator is an entertainer, a showman of violence, and a trained killer. As an assassin, they bring a skillset from years of duels to the death, primed to entertain the crowd. They have many moves like unblockable pins to lock down their opponents. Their buckler can quickly bash their opponents to drain their stamina, while a deflect positions them to skewer their enemy.

Like a prized duelist, the Gladiator can outpace their opponents with greater stamina, relying on quick skewers from their trident to bleed their opponent out. 


For Honors Shaman
Image from Fandom

Faction: Viking

The Shaman is a solitary warrior with senses attuned to the wild. In combat, they are a whirl of teeth, claws, and blades, ready to rip out the throat of their enemies. The Shaman is a wild woman who sees portents in nature and acts as the will of their gods on the battlefield. 

In combat, her attacks are fast and bleed her opponents out. With each strike she performs, the more blood she draws for her gods, the more they favor her with healing. In this blood trance, she can pin down her opponent and lunge at them, healing herself and leaving the enemy numbed at her savagery. 


For Honors Nuxia
Image from Fandom

Faction: Wu lin

The Nuxia are skilled female bodyguards of the Celestial Dynasty, skilled in the use of hook swords to disarm and maim opponents. Their flashing hook swords allow them to entrap opponents staying on the defensive to punish them with several combos. 

Once trapped, they can pin down their opponents or continue finishing them off even when they miss their traps. As masters of the hook blade, they can displace and move around opponents, even allowing them to counterattack once they deflect their opponent’s blows. 

Hybrid Heroes


For Honors Lawbringer
Image from Fandom

Faction: Knight

Armed with a heavy halberd, Lawbringers are resolute masters of defense for the knights of Ashfeld. With their unique top attack stun mechanic, they can counterattack and punish opponents who do not control themselves.

With their shove and bash mechanics, they can pin enemies to a wall or open them up for the long arm of the law with their halberd. With their counterattacks, they can control the pace of a fight and leave them coming out on top.


For Honors Valkyrie
Image from Fandom

Faction: Vikings

The Valkyries are the chosen of the Viking gods and are armed with spears and shields to constantly apply pressure on their opponents. With their righteous fury, they can sweep opponents off the ground and move in with either spear or a shield. 

With their spear, they can block any attack with a full-block stance. Meanwhile, they can damage their opponents through their quick light attacks. If any attack gets through, they can naturally shift between offense and defense to keep up the pressure constantly.


For Honors Nobushi
Image from Fandom

Faction: Samurai

The Nobushi and their Naginata are the unsung heroes of the Samurai. With light armor, they can flow like the wind and stay out of the range of most of their enemies. Their Naginata can keep enemies away while wearing them down with quick light thrusts and zone attacks.

As they wear down their opponent, they can bleed them out, while their hidden stance allows them to retreat when they extend themselves. With their recovery canceled, they can keep up the offensive, darting in and out like a serpent to snake their way to victory. 


For Honors Centurion
Image from Fandom

Faction: Knight

The Centurion is a warrior from the Ancient Empire that now fights for the Knights of Ashfeld. As a warrior of the ancient style, they are accustomed to being in the thick of battle, striking at opponents in tight spaces and punching their lights out. 

The Centurion can charge up their jabs and punches to punish the opponent while they can pin enemies unbalanced on the ground with a stab of their gladius. When their opponent has their guard broken, they can go onto the offensive indefinitely, kicking and stabbing to assert superiority. 


For Honors Highlander
Image from Fandom

Faction: Viking

The Highlander is a warrior drawn into the Viking clans through ancient alliances to wield their might Claymore in battle. Armed with this massive great sword, they can bide their time in a defensive stance before switching to their offensive stance to deal unblockable heavy damage. 

Once unleashed, these warriors can quickly smash through an opponent’s defense and interrupt them with quick light attacks. On the defense, they can counter quickly until their opponent lets down their guard for them to exploit. 


For Honors Aramusha
Image from Fandom

Faction: Samurai

The Aramusha is the enforcer counterpart of the shinobi, equally as deadly but foregoing stealth for clear intimidation. The Arusha are Samurai with unfulfilled oaths, now powerful killers fighting without a cause other than employment. 

Their dual blades can attack in an infinite chain as they alternate, battering down their opponent’s guards. Their soft feints can catch opponents unaware, while their blade blockade allows them to counterattack and parry when forced on the defensive.


For Honors Shaolin
Image from Fandom

Faction: Wu Lin

The Shaolin are warrior monks armed with a powerful quarterstaff and near superhuman agility and training in the martial arts. With their fluid Qi stance, they gain access to abilities to apply infinite pressure on their opponents. Meanwhile, their wide sweeping attacks and long-range allow them to keep opponents at bay and face a flurry of fists and steel. 

Under the Qi stance, the Shaolin monk can knock down opponents and use enhanced and undodgeable attacks. Furthermore, they can enter a relentless stance to continue beating down opponents in a deadly dance.


For Honors Zhanhu
Image from Fandom

Faction: Wu Lin

The Zhanhu was once the right-hand ruler in the Celestial Dynasty. Armed with a Chang Dao greatsword, they can cleave through opponents and use the secrets of black powder to set them alight. 

The Zhanhu can attack in an area around them and hit opponents with unblockable finishers and dodge attacks. With their improved stamina, they can outlast opponents and continue attacking to keep an infinite chain of attacks.


For Honors Gryphon
Image from Fandom

Faction: Knight

The Gryphon is based on Holden Cross, once law bringer, now prodigal Knight, and leader of the Chimera Alliance against the Order of Horkos. Wielding a bardiche and adapting skills from the other factions, the Gryphon is a powerful support hero with strong healing abilities and the ability to combo into a powerful kick and heavy finisher.

The Gryphon’s attack chain allows them to combo into any attack and uses any chain to adapt to an opponent’s playstyle. As they learn and adapt, they can catch their opponents unaware with a swift kick to follow up with their enemies’ doom. 


For Honors Kyoshin
Image from Fandom

Faction: Samurai

The Kyoshin are said to be mysterious warriors able to channel the gods into their bodies. Whether celestial or not, these warriors are masters of the hidden Shikomizue. With their skills, they can enter Kaze’s stance to launch a barrage of cuts after blocking damage.

While using their blade, they also have access to undodgeable special finishing attacks. Their attacks can chain to multiple other attacks, allowing for an endless attack once they have the upper hand.


For Honors Pirates
Image from Fandom

Faction: Outlanders

The Pirate is a sea captain with their ship and crew, eager for riches and the thrill of battle and adventure. As bold warriors, they are fiercely loyal to themselves and their crew, eager to fight to claim loot or protect their crew. With their cutlass and pistol, these seafaring warriors can follow up their attacks with a shot from their pistol to daze opponents and pin enemies. 

As one of the few Heroes with the ability to use black powder, these Pirates can get the drop on most enemies with a pistol shot that bashes opponents and leaves them open for follow-up attacks. Meanwhile, their cutlass can apply constant pressure on their enemies with dodges to continue the assault after each attack.


For Honors Medjay
Image from Fandom

Faction: Outlanders

The Medjay are the bodyguards of pharaohs long gone with dual fan axes they can reconfigure into two separate blades or one long staff. As ideals of honor and integrity, these warriors now act as guardians of the sands, protecting the helpless and ensuring peace wherever they tread.

Based on what mode their axes are in, the Medjay can gain different properties. In staff mode, they have a greater range to clear out enemies, also gaining more defense and multitarget capabilities. In dual axe mode, they move faster, outmaneuvering opponents and overwhelming them with fast attacks.



Question: How Many Characters are There In For Honor?

Answer: There are 31 unique heroes in For Honor spread around five different factions and four unique hero types. Each Hero is based on a historical fighter with moves based on weapon treatises from the past. With such a unique roster of heroes, each has a story to tell and a skill to master.

Question: What are the Different Factions In For Honor?

Answer: In the game, the four factions are the Knights, Vikings, Samurai, Wu Lin, and Outlanders. The Wu Lin faction and Outlander faction are the newest factions, with the other three being around since the game’s inception. Each faction has Heroes with unique identities and themes based on the historical adaptation the faction is based on.

Question: What Should I Play In For Honor?

Answer: Play whichever Hero you want. Some are easier to play than others, and some are more rewarding. Whichever you play, however, as long as you have fun, it does not matter.

For Honor Characters Guide: Conclusion

Choose your ancient fighter from one of the world’s most famous historical fighting games! Each one is a different fighter that captures the nuance of the historical entities they were based on. Whatever you choose, have fun with the game and master your skills to enjoy the best of For Honor!

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