hanzo overwatch

Hanzo Overwatch Guide

Hanzo is a damage hero in Overwatch. He was formerly classified as a defensive hero but is now relatively flexible, as he can be played effectively on the offensive too. He is a mid to long-range sniper, so he excels at picking off enemy backliners from any distance, and in some cases, enemy flankers trying …

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ascent valorant

Ascent Valorant Guide

Only a few classic maps are left for Valorant competitive. Especially after the removal of Split from the competitive queue and the addition of Pearl, only Ascent and Bind are present in their original conditions. After the removal of Split, Ascent is my favorite of every map available in Valorant! You will find me jumping …

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talon overwatch

Talon Overwatch Guide

Overwatch is a game well known for its impressive lore and narrative, with iconic three-dimensional characters loved by all fans. The villains of the world are no exception, and in this Talon Overwatch Guide, I will delve into the intrigue of the game’s famed antagonists. The game is packed with exciting PvE (player vs. environment) …

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bastion overwatch

Bastion Overwatch Guide

Bastion is a damage hero, typically seen on a defensive team, as it excels at planting down roots and controlling a specific point with its Sentry configuration (though seeing it on an offensive team is outrageously too common for my liking). Without a shield tank defending it, Bastion is particularly vulnerable due to its Sentry …

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smite items

Smite Items Guide

One of the most essential aspects of Smite’s gameplay is items. Items significantly increase your stats and provide effects that will help you win the match. I’ve extensively used every single item in the game in my countless hours of playing Smite, and I find choosing the right items for the situation to be the …

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