Jasmine Stobbs

Jasmine is a gamer, cosplayer, and proud nerd! Jas has loved Overwatch ever since she first picked it up in 2017, adoring the lore, characters, and gameplay it offers. She has played a huge variety of MOBAs, but Overwatch is undoubtedly her favorite. She has been gaming for over a decade and has no intention to stop anytime soon with exciting releases constantly on the horizon.

talon overwatch

Talon Overwatch Guide

Overwatch is a game well known for its impressive lore and narrative, with iconic three-dimensional characters loved by all fans. The villains of the world are no exception, and in this Talon Overwatch Guide, I will delve into the intrigue of the game’s famed antagonists. The game is packed with exciting PvE (player vs. environment) …

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Reaper Overwatch Guide

Reaper Overwatch Guide

Well known for being one of gaming’s edgiest characters, Reaper is a staple of Overwatch, iconic for his foreboding appearance, gloomy voice lines, and a comically never-ending supply of guns. One of the most familiar DPS heroes the game has to offer, Reaper takes time to learn, with certain buffs and specialized abilities requiring precision …

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Reinhardt Overwatch Guide

Reinhardt Overwatch Guide

At its absolute core, Overwatch is a team-oriented game, centered around working as one to push payloads, and defend objectives and attack points. Tanks are essential in achieving victory, aiding the team with their increased health and strong abilities. Reinhardt proves to be an excellent tank for both offense and defense, largely due to his …

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