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Best Overwatch 2 Characters for Beginners

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Due to the complexity of MOBAs, it’s always better to start with characters that have simple mechanics. That way, you can learn more about pacing, items, skills, and other concepts without having to worry if you missed your spell.

Overwatch 2 is no different in that regard. Although usually considered much simpler than Dota 2 or League of Legends, there are still many things you need to learn.

Among others, I always recommend simpler characters as a way of avoiding constant flaming. The last thing you need is for someone to ruin your first impression of a game. Of course, there will always be toxicity in MOBAs, but you should at least avoid it during the first few weeks of playing.

Someone like Mercy is fantastic for beginners if you don’t mind all the supporting. Reaper and Reinhardt are also straightforward and could be equally good choices.

What Were the Selection Criteria?

The tricky thing about Overwatch 2, in particular, is that selection criteria can change depending on your gaming prowess. For example, people who are used to FPSs will quickly get accustomed to shooting. Those who haven’t played MOBAs might struggle to provide support or tanking for the team.

Despite that, there are a few heroes that I can easily classify as the easiest. Here are the selection criteria I considered when making this list:

  • Simple ability mechanics
  • Easy-to-land abilities
  • Adaptability
  • Health pool
  • Kill potential

Keep in mind that a character can still be classified as easy to learn even if they don’t fulfill one of these criteria. An excellent example of that is Merci, who though very fragile, can compensate with the simplicity and strength of her skills.

Character list


Image from overwatch fandom

The thing I especially appreciate about Reaper is his sustainability. Players gain health whenever they damage enemies, which allows for somewhat reckless gameplay. The lifestealing is especially incredible when going against tanks.

If you ever get in trouble, you can always rely on Wraith Form to become invulnerable and escape the encirclement. Shadow Step is excellent both offensively and defensively, and it doesn’t require any special skill to get accustomed to.

However, the reason why this character is excellent for beginners is that he uses short-range Hellfire Shotguns. Even if you have never played a shooter, you should manage to hit something with these bad boys. Death Blossom works well with his kit, damaging all enemies in Reaper’s close vicinity, and is another easy skill to execute.


Image from Overwatch Fandom

Even if you have never played the game, you should know about Mercy meta. The character was so overpowered that it led to the creation of the famous Overwatch 1 meme.

This character doesn’t do much in terms of damage, so you don’t have to worry whether you’ll hit enemies or not. The only thing that teammates need from a Mercy is that she follows them around and heals them with Caduceus Staff. When playing more offensively, you can use the ability’s alt-fire to enhance an ally’s damage.

If they die, you need to use Resurrect, and that’s about that. Fly around the map, regenerate while out of the battle, and be a real nuisance.


Moira overwatch
Image from overwatch fandom

Moira is exceptionally effective and easy to use. The only troublesome thing about the hero is that you need to constantly change between offensive and defensive setup.

Biotic Grasp allows you to drain life from enemies or heal allies. Similarly, Biotic Orb is a slow-moving projectile that can either head or damage, based on your current situation. If you’re ever in a pinch, you can use Fade, an ability similar to Reaper’s Wraith Form.

However, the thing that makes her so simple yet effective is her ultimate, Coalescence. You basically shoot a beam that heals allies and damages opponents in a line. Although it’s not hard to land, a player should stand behind teammates for maximum effect.


Reinhardt overwatch
Image from Overwatch Fandom

The best thing about this character is his health pool. Even if you’re a complete noob, you should feel comfortable playing the hero. He also has Barrier Field skill that allows him to move forward while hiding himself and his allies from damage. This ability is especially amazing when you’re pinned down.

As for the strategy, it’s pretty straightforward. You use Charge to ram into the opponents and then use Rocket Hammer to bash them. The ultimate ability, Earthshatter, also works much better at close range.

If that wasn’t enough, you also have a ranged ability called Fire Strike that is much easier to land in Overwatch 2 (now shoots two projectiles instead of one).

Soldier 76

soldier 76 overwatch
Image from Overwatch Fandom

In many ways, Soldier 76 feels like a generic FPS character. He has an automatic weapon called Heavy Pulse Rifle that has a small spread and isn’t particularly hard to use. Sprint is probably the most generic running ability you’ll ever see in games, while Biotic Field is an excellent way to heal allies and yourself.

The ultimate ability, Tactical Visor, is especially fantastic for players who don’t trust their aim. You can use it to lock on targets and take them out quickly. It also quickens Heavy Pulse Rifle’s reload time. Helix Rockets is the hero’s only challenging ability.

Soldier 76 is a well-rounded damage dealer who doesn’t excel at anything special. As such, he can be an excellent first choice if you wish to get acquainted with some of the game’s most common mechanics.


winston overwatch 2
Image from Overwatch Fandom

Winston is Overwatch’s mascot and one of the simplest characters.

The basic skill, Tesla Cannon, has two modes. The first one allows players to fry enemies in a large radius, and it doesn’t require any particular skill to execute. The alt-fire is a bit more complex, having a longer range and a higher chance of missing. As the name implies, Jump Pack allows you to jump around the map.

Barrier Projector is another straightforward skill that creates an impenetrable bubble protecting Winston and his allies. By turning on Primal Rage, you basically switch into RPG mode. You gain more movement speed, more health and armor but can only punch opponents and use Jump Pack.


Sojourn overwatch 2
Image from Overwatch Fandom

Although Sojourn has pretty simple abilities that complement each other, you’ll need some time to master shooting.

The best way to use this hero as a beginner is to start engagements with Disruptor Shot. This AOE projectile damages and slows down opponents, thus serving as a great setup for your Railgun. The weapon has a rapid firing mode that generates energy when you hit enemies. You can release this energy with high-impact alt-fire.

If you’re struggling to charge the gun through rapid-fire hits, you can simply use Overclock. It automatically generates energy for the hero, allowing continuous usage of Railgun’s powerful alt-fire. Sojourn also has Power Slide that can help you escape, catch, and reach higher ground.


Widowmaker overwatch
Image from Overwatch Fandom

Although Widowmaker can be hard to master, her skills are beginner-friendly. First and foremost, her weapon, Widow’s Kiss, has two modes of fire. The first one is an automatic rifle mode that gives you a fighting chance in close and medium-range combat. However, the hero is much more potent at a distance, using the rifle’s sniper mode.

Widowmaker’s Grappling Hook allows the character to reach higher vantage points, from which she can sniper her targets. Venom Mine is a trap that can be incredible whenever you’re flanked and forced to fight in close combat.

Most importantly, the hero’s Infra-Sight ultimate allows the scanning of opponents through walls and obstacles. So, even if you’re a beginner with bad map awareness, it’s much harder to get caught by surprise.


Orisa overwatch 2
Image from Overwatch Fandom

Orisa is a tank character with two powerful defensive abilities. Fortify is an incredible skill that reduces damage taken and prevents snares. It’s fantastic for running away or closing the distance. Javelin Spin has a similar utility allowing Orisa to spin her weapon in a circle destroying all incoming projectiles. Using the skill also increases the hero’s movement speed.

Once you reach the target, the character can use Augmented Fusion Driver, a weapon that deals more damage based on proximity. Being close to the enemy also makes it easier to land Energy Javelin, which can pin down the opponent to a wall stunning him in the process.

Terra Surge is her trickiest skill. It’s a devastating ultimate that sucks in all opponents closer to Orisa. When you unleash the Surge, all opponents take massive damage based on channeling time. It’s a tradeoff skill where you need to assess the optimal channel duration.


Bastion overwatch 2
Image from Overwatch Fandom

Bastion is a hero that can switch between a few weapon configurations. Each of the setups has its advantages and drawbacks, and it’s easy to determine which one is optimal for a specific situation.

In Recon, he becomes a mobile combatant with a highly accurate weapon. This is the best setup for moving around the map. Assault increases his defense but reduces Bastion’s movement speed. While in this mode, the hero uses a chain gun with a high rate of fire.

Configuration: Artillery is his ultimate and the hardest skill to land. The character turns into a static artillery weapon and shells a selected area after a short delay. Aside from these transformations, he also has A-36 Tactical Grenade, which can bounce off the walls and damage opponents upon impact.


Kiriko overwatch 2

One of the latest characters to be introduced, Kiriko, is a versatile support whose main purpose is following allies and providing various boons.

This is a highly mobile character who can climb walls and use Swift Step to teleport to allies. Healing Ofuda is a toggling spell that heals with each talisman that reaches a target. You can also use Protection Suzu to make allies invulnerable and remove all debuffs.

Kitsune Rush is an ability that sends a spirit fox in a straight line. Allies who follow its path gain extra movement and attack speed, and cooldown reduction. The tricky thing about it is determining when to use it. In terms of offense, Kiriko can use Kunai to strike opponents from afar.


Roadhog overwatch 2
Image from Overwatch fandom

Roadhog is another character who doesn’t have to worry about targeting. His Scrap Gun is a type of shotgun that provides the most value in close combat. This ability pairs well with Chain Hook, which allows you to pull over enemies to your location. However, hitting Chain Hook is a completely different thing.

Once the enemy is close to you, Roadhog can use Whole Hog to shower them with a quick burst of shrapnel. The ability knocks back enemies, which can be used as a setup for Scrap Gun’s alt-fire. The weapon’s secondary mode launches a ball at a distance, which can detonate into shrapnel.

As for the defense, the hero can use Take a Breather. While channeling the ability, Roadhog has high damage reduction and heals a massive amount of health after one second.


Cassidy overwatch 2
Image from Overwatch Fandom

Cassidy relies on his Peacekeeper to dish devastating damage.

This weapon has two modes. The first one is a single-bullet long-range shot with minor recoil. The secondary mode allows the hero to fire a barrage of bullets with significant spread. Peacekeeper’s alternative works well with Combat Roll, allowing Cassidy to roll toward the enemies, which also reloads the gun.

Magnetic Granade is an easy-to-land projectile that homes onto the opponents. Its only weakness is that it can be disjointed with movement abilities. Deadeye is a channel that lines up all targets in the line of sight for kill shots. You don’t need any skill to use this ultimate, and it provides devastating effects.


Question: What is the best Overwatch 2 character for beginners?

Answer: Mercy is probably the best Overwatch 2 character for beginners. Her main task is to follow an ally and to help their defense or offense. If they die, she can simply use Resurrect to bring them back to life. When playing the character, you don’t have to worry about reloads, aiming, or skill shots.

Question: Is Overwatch 2 beginner friendly?

Answer: Although not as hard as some other MOBAs, Overwatch 2 isn’t beginner-friendly. Players have to improve their aim, skill usage, map awareness, and character understanding to master the title.

Question: Is Overwatch 2 unbalanced?

Answer: Like many other MOBAs, there’s always some hero or strategy in Overwatch 2 that feels unbalanced. This was especially noticeable during Overwatch 1 days when certain strategies were borderline unbeatable.

Best Overwatch 2 Characters: Conclusion

Overwatch 2 is an easy game to start playing but extremely difficult to master. To get better at it, you need good aim, an excellent understanding of abilities, fantastic decision-making, and spatial awareness.

If this is your first time playing the title, I suggest going with characters that fulfill a specific role. For example, you can go with a hero that focuses on healing or tanking. As the skill variations increase, it becomes harder to keep up.

Among others, I would suggest characters that can make a significant impact with minimal effort. Don’t be afraid to play with hokey or overpowered heroes. As you get better in the game, you can easily transition to more difficult ones.

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