Aaron Stevens

Aaron is a lifelong gamer that loves a good challenge. Competitive multiplayer games like MOBAs have provided a perfect environment for him to thrive. Outside of video games, he enjoys doing anything creative, such as writing, creating art, or music. He loves to apply his outside-of-the-box thinking to competitive games, creating new tactics and strategies wherever possible

smite items

Smite Items Guide

One of the most essential aspects of Smite’s gameplay is items. Items significantly increase your stats and provide effects that will help you win the match. I’ve extensively used every single item in the game in my countless hours of playing Smite, and I find choosing the right items for the situation to be the …

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susano build ideas

Susano Build Ideas

Susano is a Japanese god of the Assassin class in the game Smite. As with other Assassins, his high mobility and burst damage makes him perfect for the Jungle role. Susano has been my main in Jungle in recent years, performing consistently from season to season. With recent changes, ability-based Assassins haven’t been performing as …

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ravana build ideas

Ravana Build Ideas

Ravana is a playable character in Smite from the Hindu pantheon that currently belongs to the Assassin class. He formerly belonged in the Warrior class but was moved to the Assassin class after a few tweaks to his abilities, so it’s not surprising that he performs as an interesting hybrid between the two, excelling in …

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iznami build ideas

Izanami Build Ideas

Izanami is a Japanese goddess belonging to the Hunter class. Like other Hunters, she has a strong, ranged basic attack that is her primary form of doing damage, making her best suited for the Carry role. She’s the first god I ever got a Penta Kill with, which is where you kill five enemy gods …

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Thanatos Build Ideas

Thanatos Build Ideas

Thanatos is a Greek god belonging to the Assassin class in Smite. Like other Assassins, his primary role is Jungle thanks to having good burst damage and mobility. When I was first learning the game, Thanatos was the god that allowed me to finally understand how to play the Jungle role. I feel Jungle has …

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Bellona Build Ideas

Bellona is a Roman Goddess belonging to the Warrior class in Smite and is one of the permanently free characters. Like other Warriors, her primary role in Conquest is as a Solo. Also like other Warriors, she has a good mix of offensive and defensive capabilities and has a lot of sustain potential. If I …

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Guan Yu Build Ideas

Guan Yu Build Ideas

Guan Yu is a Chinese god in the Warrior Class, and one of the permanently free characters in Smite. Like others in the Warrior class, his primary role is as a Solo. Also like other Warriors, he is known for high sustainability and abilities that excel in team fights. Guan Yu was my introduction to …

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Neith Build Ideas

Neith Build Ideas

Neith is an Egyptian goddess belonging to the Hunter class in Smite and is one of the ten characters that are permanently free. Like others in the Hunter class, her primary role is as a Carry. Also, like other Hunters, she has a powerful, ranged basic attack that will serve as the primary way to …

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