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For Honor Emblems Guide

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For Honor might seem like it’s all about playing the game and mastering deadly ancient heroes, but there’s more to it than that.

For Honor also lets you put your creative spin on these heroes to personalize them and make them yours! Players in the game can choose many different ways to differentiate and identify themselves online. One of the most popular ways to do this is by creating your emblem, a personal coat of arms.

To recap, For Honor is a Ubisoft game released in 2017 that takes realistic fighting to a new level. The game revolves around a historical twist that sees different warriors from different periods duking it out in the in-game world. This, plus its fighting system and dedicated fan base, has made it one of the most popular games today.

Enjoying the game through fighting is only one way to have fun. While playing online, why not give your creative skills a spin and find the emblem that truly defines you. Slap it on your heroes, dominate a lobby, and make your emblem a herald of the destruction to come.

Emblems: Personalizing For Honor Your Way

Emblems: Personalizing For Honor Your Way
Image by Matthew Du

Your emblems in For Honor are a personalized coat of arms you can use to identify yourself. Similar to how each faction has its emblems, you, too, can have your own! These emblems can be placed on your heroes anytime you play to customize them. Your emblem can also be something used to represent your gaming group or just as a way to flex your art skills. 

You can create your emblem by going to the Emblem Editor. In the starting menu, head to social in the upper left options bar. When there, select the group tab down below and head on to the profile page. On the profile page, you can find your emblem editor.

The Emblem Editor

In your emblem editor, you will find a list of emblem parts for you to customize. An important thing to note here is that your shield shape is locked depending on your faction.

The shield is where your emblem is displayed. The Viking Faction, for example, has a round shield, the Samurai have a square one, and the Knights have a kite shield. This was the case for the first season of For Honor, but it still stands that your shield shape is static.

If you switch factions, you can only change your shield shape, but saved emblems retain your past shield shapes. What you can change without switching are the following elements of your logo.

  • Background
  • Symbol 1
  • Symbol 2
  • Symbol 3
  • Symbol 4
  • Symbol 5
  • Outline

Each element also has specific commands used to edit them to truly control your art. Keep in mind that each component has a vast library of choices to select from in the emblem editor that you should explore. Let us discuss the different elements down below.


Image by Matthew Du

Your background is the base level of your emblem and the canvas on which most elements go. In this, you can have your background be a symbol independent from the five extra symbols you can add. You can also choose to have a plain background.

You can select between three colors that color different regions of your background depending on what you choose your background symbol to be. Some sets limit you to only one or two colors, while others allow for three colors available.

On the other hand, transform allows you to change your background’s shape, position, and size. Finally, randomize makes the emblem editor choose one for you instead. Perfect if you wish to let the chaos gods decide how to identify you.


Image by Matthew Du

You can have up to five symbols placed on your emblem. This allows you to add a lot of randomization to your logo and truly make yourself unique. Each symbol can only have one color on it. Unlike the background, which has different regions in place, the symbol is treated as one unique element.

Transform, however, remains similar to the background transform function. It allows you to drag the symbol wherever you want on your emblem or change its size. You can edit the character, so only parts remain on the emblem while the others are not visible.

Finally, bring forward and move backward are very important commands for a symbol as it allows you to layer symbols together. Layering symbols means placing a symbol on top of another symbol and combining them to look like a different shape altogether! You can also use symbols to cover up other symbols by having the covering symbol be the same color as your background. 

As a result, the move backward and bring forward tools allow you to get custom symbols that won’t usually found in the library. Turn a horse mane into a trail of fire by covering its face. Create a plume of smoke by dragging a symbol, so only its lower half is on the emblem. The possibilities are endless!


Finally, your outline details the art on your shield. Some outlines have simple metal studs, while others have decorative gilded gold. These outlines are not stackable and are limited depending on what you have in your library.

The Transform Tool

The Transform Tool
Image by Matthew Du

Before we move on, let’s look at the Transform tool, which is probably the most complicated tool. The transform tool allows you to place the symbols and background elements on different areas of the emblem.

“Move x” and “move y” allow you to palace it along the x-axis and y-axis. Rotate allows you to spin it around, and resize allows you to make it bigger or smaller. Finally, your flip tools allow you to mirror the symbol or background element horizontally or vertically. 


Question: Where Can I Find the For Honor Emblem Editor

Answer: The For Honor Emblem Editor is found under the social tab in the startup menu of the game. This means you should not be in a game to access the editor. Once there, look for your profile.
Your profile details your player information, such as your faction, and what emblem you have. The emblem editor is found there, right beside your faction.

Question: What Emblems Can I Make In For Honor

Answer: The only real limit to your emblems in For Honor is how creative you are with layering symbols to create different elements and effects, Do take note, though, that your biggest limitations are the five-symbol cap on your emblems. With your background, that would technically be a six-symbol cap. Some symbols are also restricted, depending on if you are part of the Ubisoft Club.

Question: How Do I Create Unique Symbols For Emblems In For Honor?

Answer: Creating unique symbols in the Emblem Editor depends on the symbols you use and how you stack them on top of each other. It is also a matter of perception and how well you maintain that perception.

A flower symbol colored orange would have leaves that make perfect burning eyes, for example. All you need is a way to cover the rest of the flower. Unique symbols also depend on the size and positioning of the symbols, as you can combine two symbols on the same level to make a new one. 

For Honor Emblems Guide: Conclusion

For Honor is more than a game where you can fight each other to the death. It’s also where you can express yourself and add a little flair to the heroes you play.

Create your emblem today and put them on your heroes to make a name for yourself in the land of Heathmoor. Your imagination is the only barrier you have, so start brainstorming! If you find yourself stumped, feel free to ask other players in the game about their banners to find the right one for you. Save the different banners you make to switch things up every once in a while, and let your art come through!

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