LoL Divine Sunderer Guide

LoL Divine Sunderer Guide

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Divine Sunderer is categorized as one of the mythic items in League of Legends. It is especially great for champions who rely on both magic and physical damage. Furthermore, it provides nice sustainability, rewarding all those who play aggressively.

One of the specific things about Divine Sunderer is that it provides a two-fold passive effect. Not only will it penetrate opponents’ armor, but it will also affect their magic resistance. Its unique Spellblade is nothing to scoff at. It will provide a major damage boost against tanky enemies while healing you in the process.

Keep in mind that the item is much more suitable against melee characters than ranged. However, in both cases, it can deal a significant amount of damage. In this article, we will talk about Divine Sunderer and some of the best champions to use it on.

Key Info Up Front

Divine Sunderer is an ideal item for champions who already have several legendary objects in their inventory. It works well for all characters combining magic and physical damage.

What is Divine Sunderer?

Like all other mythic items, if you go with Divine Sunderer, you can’t acquire anything else from this tier. This particular object scales well into the super late game due to its mythic passive that boosts legendary items with 5% magic and physical penetration.

Divine Sunder costs 3300 gold, and you can sell it for 2310 gold. To make it, you will first need Kindlegem, which costs 800 gold (400 for Ruby Crystal, 400 for recipe). Then, you need to acquire Sheen for 700 gold and Phage for 1,100 gold (350 for Long Sword, 400 for Ruby Crystal, and 350 for recipe). Once you have all three components, you need to pay 700 gold for the Divine Sunderer recipe, and voila!

In terms of its passive stats, the most notable thing about Divine Sunder is 400 health. It also provides 20 ability haste and 35 attack damage. While the item is meant to assist champions who have both physical and magical damage, it is more potent for ADCs.

Besides its mythic passive, Divine Sunderer has another passive ability worth mentioning. It’s unique, called Spellblade, empowers your next auto-attack. However, this effect only activates if you used the ability in the last 10 seconds. With Spellblade, the next attack will deal physical damage equal to 12% of the target’s maximum health (9% for ranged opponents). The strike can deal with a minimum of 150% base AD and a maximum of 250% base AD.

Additionally, Spellblade will heal your champion by 7.8% of the enemy’s max health (3.6% if the opponent is ranged). The minimal heal will be equal to 97.5% base AD (60% for ranged champions). Always remember there is a 1.5-second cooldown on heal, which is applied after each attack. That way, you can’t heal to infinity.

The Most Common Divine Sunderer Users

There are lots of different champions who can benefit from the item. It is mostly used for physical and physical/magical carries. While AP champions can also get a nice boost from it, Divine Sunderer is not as common for these champions.

Aatrox is a good example of a character who can wield Divine Sunderer. This item is a version of his passive, Deathbringer Stance. It also works well in conjunction with Yorick’s Last Rites, as well as some other champions.

Divine Sunderer is great on any top lane bruiser. Besides Yorick and Aatrox, the list also includes characters such as Nasus, Jarvan IV, Illaoi, Katarina, Irelia, Trundle, etc. However, it is also viable for everyone who has abilities with low cooldowns. So, you can even build it on some squishier champions such as Ezrael and Katarina.

While most guides emphasize the item’s sustainability, we cannot neglect the fact it provides a significant boost to damage. The longer the game goes, the more damage you will have. As such, Divine Sunderer would make it easier to nuke enemies.

Divine Sunderer is a very popular pickup with Guardian Angel. It’s unique, Rebirth will make it hard to kill the champion. Death’s Dance is another item that goes well with it. Like with Guardian Angel, you will increase defense while gaining physical/magical penetration due to the fact you’re combining Divine Sunderer with a legendary item.

As expected, this item is most commonly purchased by top lane champions. 41.7% of purchases are made by characters in this lane. After that, it is most popular among junglers (28.2% of pick-ups) and ADCs (20% of pick-ups).

Interesting Facts About Divine Sunderer

Here are some interesting tidbits if you wish to unlock Divine Sunderer’s full potential:

  • The item can provide you a total of 25% armor and magic penetration if you have 5 legendary items in your inventory.
  • Spellblade is not affected by spell shields if you apply it via auto-attack. However, the effect will be blocked if it’s triggered by an on-hit effect.
  • The enemies can fully negate the effect by either dodging it or blocking it. Even if the target doesn’t take any damage, Spellblade will be placed on a cooldown as long as it proceeds.
  • If you got Spellblade effect through Essence Reaver, blocking the strike will prevent mana restoration. However, the Spellblade effect from Divine Sunderer will still provide the dealing even if the damage component is blocked.
  • You can’t boost Spellblade damage via critical strikes but, the effect benefits from physical vamp, omnivamp, and life steal. The only exception is spell vamp.
  • You can’t stack bonus physical damage by having several sources of Spellblade. However, you can stack healing and mana restoring effects.
  • If a champion has a few items with Spellblade effect, there is a priority order as to which item will deal Spellblade damage: Divine Sunderer > Lich Bane > Essence Reaver > Sheen.
  • While the Spellblade effect causes extra damage to towers, you cannot get the maximum damage proc.


Question: What is Divine Sunderer

Answer: Divine Sunderer is a powerful mythic item that provides several benefits. It is great for tanks as it gives them extra sustain, but it can also work well for champions with low cooldown. Divine Sunderer provides 5% physical/magic penetration to every legendary item in your inventory.

Question: Is Divine Sunderer still good?

Answer: Since its initial release, this item has been one of the best pickups for top lane brawlers/initiators. It is especially good against a team with several tanky champions.

Question: How does Divine Sunderer work?

Answer: Divine Sunderer works by buffing every legendary item in your inventory. It provides each one of the 5% magic and physical penetration. It also does extra damage and heals based on the opponent’s health pool. Lastly, it will give you 400 health, 20 ability haste, and 35 attack damage.

Divine Sunderer is a potent mythic item that can feel overpowered on several champions. Ideally, you should try to make it as soon as possible as it can provide a nice health boost, sustain, and damage (that doesn’t mean you should skip minor items, though).

It is especially great against melee tanks, as it does damage based on the total health pool. Divine Sunderer is a powerful addition to any brawler’s arsenal, but it works best for champions who combine physical and magical damage, those who already have a nice sustain, and champions with lots of low cooldowns.

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