Breach Valorant Guide

Breach Valorant Guide: Learn About This First-Persona Shooter

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Valorant is a team-based first-person shooter game consisting of ten players split into two teams, taking turns attacking and defending. A common way to pitch the game is to describe it as a mix between Overwatch and CS: GO. The main difference is that characters, called Agents, buy their abilities at the beginning of each round, along with their guns and other equipment.

The cast features a diversified roster of characters, each representing their native homes and countries. In addition, each of the mentioned classes has a vital role to play. Currently, the meta evolved to categorize Agents into four specific classes or roles, namely: Duelists, Sentinels, Controllers, and Initiators, where Breach belongs to.

It is important to have an initiator. Initiators act as the backbone of your team to successfully break into a site as smoothly as possible. Their main job is to provide reconnaissance as their abilities are suitable for scouting enemies around the area. Good information is vital to the success of your individual rounds.

Another purpose they serve is to disrupt the enemies; a veteran initiator can cause massive disarray to the enemy team’s fortified defense. Breach is a shining example of that. He has an answer for just about everything, whether you want to blind a site, push enemies away from crucial angles, or cause enemies to scatter around like ants.

Breach is extremely rewarding to master, especially if you know the angles to the map. You can’t go wrong with adding him to your pool.

Why to Pick Breach


First and foremost, Breach is just so fun to play. This Swede powerhouse is a force to be reckoned with. He is the second initiator introduced in the game. In combat, he relies on his two explosive robotic arms specializing in nuking enemies down, blinding opponents who hold tight angles, and releasing a destructive ultimate that knocks enemies up in the air as well as giving them a concussion upon landing.

What’s good about him is that he is reliable in luring out enemies, disrupting positions, and initiating tight corners situations. However, this much power carries a lot of responsibility, as his most effective skills could also hinder your fellow agents as it affects both enemies and allies.

So, be careful where you are aiming at, don’t use your skills recklessly because you might impair your teammates. But, if you’re feeling toxic and griefing your teammates, Breach is a great agent for that too.

Compared to other initiators, Breach thrives with a much more aggressive playstyle. He is the only initiator that focuses on disabling enemies with a destructive force. Yes, other initiators have disables too, but disabling and disrupting is Breach’s core mechanic.

His kit is best used on the offensive, leading the charge for his team to carve safe paths all the way to the site. Though it is not recommended for inexperienced players, he can be used while on the defensive. A Breach with an uncanny game and map sense can put a stop to the attacking team’s advances, ensuring they don’t barge in without a fight.


Every Agent of the game has its own unique set of abilities that has to be purchased at the start of the round. Abilities describe the personality of each agent in the game. For example, Breach is known for blinding enemies and putting enemies in awkward positions.

A well-coordinated Breach can consistently set up pushes for their teammates inside the spike site or ensure that you and your allies have a clear advantage when enemies push. There’s nothing worse for the attacking team than a Breach stalling the clock when there’s only so much time left.



Breach equips his bionic arms with a fusion charge that can fire three consecutive blasts on any surface or wall. Upon impact, it will deal a tremendous amount of damage, which is usually lethal to enemies. However, the blast is not instant and needs some time to prime the explosive. Therefore, knowing the timing of the delay and range of the explosion is essential to mastering the skill.

This skill is most effective when checking corners. Once fired at a certain point or angle, it will likely force enemies to withdraw on that spot lest they succumb to the incoming blast. You and your team can attempt to catch the enemy agent during their retreat.

There are also other ways to use this skill. A little imagination and careful thinking are all you need to make amusing and surprising explosions. For example, you can deny enemies from planting the spike in the bombsite. You can also disrupt them from defusing the spike as well as stalling for time since they will most likely run away when they see your abilities.

However, using this skill can also affect teammates, so be careful not to damage your allies. Also, make sure you clearly communicate with your entry fragger, as they will most likely die in one hit after peeking. Another downside is that you can only use this ability once per round.

Nonetheless, Aftershock is a potent tool, and mastering it will undoubtedly lead to advantageous scenarios.



Breach is one of the first Agents to throw flashes in the earlier rounds. He is equipped with two flash charges that can penetrate walls blinding enemies hiding behind them. In my opinion, Breach’s flash is his most important ability and one of the strongest abilities in the whole game. Therefore, it is crucial to buy this every round or not play him at all.

Breach’s Flashpoint will instantly pop once it contacts walls and surfaces, unlike Aftershock. It is tough to counter and can often overwhelm the opposing team, so expect your enemies to be annoyed by this skill. Any player on the receiving end of this understands that it feels like a personal hell, and the best thing players can do is spray and pray they aren’t dead when the bright light fades away.

To reiterate, this is the most potent ability on his kit. Blinded enemies are in a confused state where it makes them choke and panic, giving away their position; even with the coordination of professional teams, it’s hard to save someone who’s been blinded.

The entry fragger should take this as their time to shine and push ahead. It is most effective when initiating a bombsite push or staggering enemies when their initiator tries to start something. This ability is just so good, even after its nerfs.

Like with Breach’s other skills, Flashpoint can also incapacitate your allies blind. Don’t go spamming this ability unless you’re ready for an earful from your dead duelist.



Breach’s signature ability is called Fault Line. Signature abilities are free abilities that can be used every time it’s off cooldown. This ability emits a seismic blast that sets off a quake on a straight line on the ground giving enemies a nasty concussion if they’re within the radius of the blast.

Concuss is a negative status effect in the game where it slows the movement of the affected player, as well as reducing their gun’s rate of fire.

This is ability is a big reason why Breach is a destructive force to play against. Players can also hold this ability to extend the radius of the blast or tap left click for a quick stun. Its full range extends pretty far, just perfect for disrupting snipers holding a long angle.

I love this ability because it wreaks havoc on the opposing team, especially when they attempt to reposition away from Breach’s other skills. Allied snipers should take note of this ability to score an easy kill.

The main drawback to Fault Line is that it takes too long to set up, giving enemies a considerable margin to escape from its effect. As you can climb the ranks, don’t rely on the effects of this ability alone but rather treat it as a way to scatter your opponents. And true to Breach’s other skills, this ability can also concuss teammates, so don’t use it in the middle of a firefight.



Breach’s ultimate is called Rolling Thunder. By the name itself, it sets off a massive seismic charge emitting powerful quakes in a large triangular shape surging through the map; it also bypasses walls and surfaces. Opponents caught by this ability will be knocked up high into the air and have a concussion upon landing, if they land at all.

This is useful to push through enemy defenses. Blast this baby inside and rush the site with your team. A well-placed Rolling Thunder is a game-winning ability since it uppercuts enemies hiding between walls, allowing your team to play a game of duck hunt with the vulnerable targets.

Rolling Thunder is basically a cracked-up version of Fault Line. Whatever disarray Fault Line does, Rolling Thunder does it tenfold. So use it wisely and often.

How to play Breach

Character Playstyle

breach 1

Breach is the typical Run and Gun, Flash and Dash type. Using his arsenal to blind, stun, and slow enemies down while moving in for a swift pickoff. He is intimidating and annoying to fight with, so you have to lean into that to cause fear and panic. Breach excels in shooing away opponents from commonly contested grounds as an initiator.

Breach is best on the offensive, making his allies push through with his devastating blasts and troublesome blinds. He is like a walking hazard to both teammates and enemies. Use him to make enemies withdraw from their positions.

While on the defensive, he is best used as a counter-initiator to stop attackers from rushing. From time to time, you can guess where your opponents will enter and stay near the corner. If you know they’re there, pop a flash and go for an aggressive kill. Back away instantly so you don’t die yourself.

Use his abilities in coordination with your duelist, especially Flashpoint. Duelists act as entry fraggers are usually the first Agents inside, so make life easier for them. Flashpoint is so important that you need to get this ability even during eco rounds.

So, what you need to do is use Breach’s Flashpoint to blind enemies holding common positions, then follow AFTER your entry fragger. The best-case scenario is that your duelist survives, and both of you lead the charge to take a clean site.

However, if the defenders resist and kill the first one inside the point, back away and use the information to adjust your abilities. Breach is devasting if he knows where the enemies are positioned, and it is your entry fraggers job to provide that information.

With both abilities online, using Flashpoint before Aftershock is your bread and butter combo since you aim both at walls and surfaces. By doing this, you blunder your enemies with the flash, and you’re most likely to scratch them with the blast. It’s easy to remember: flash then blast.

Fault Line needs a bit of preparation beforehand to utilize it to its utmost potential. Since it travels in a long vertical line, you must memorize where you can use it behind walls to hit someone peeking in the back. But the time invested is way worth it as you can really mess up their positions.

There’s absolutely no reason to not use Rolling Thunder when it’s available. On attack, call all your teammates to one site and use it before storming the area. If enemies hide behind cover, you’ll instantly see them flying in the air. If not, it covers an extensive area, so you know you’re safe to enter.

Always look at the minimap when using your abilities and also think about your timings. You don’t have to use your Fault line at maximum length; a quick tap or mid tap will suffice, as long as you feel someone is going for you on a surprise kill or catch you between a crossfire.

Keep in mind that Breach’s ability also affects your teammates, so you need to use his skills more effectively without harming your allies when using them. At the end of the day, you want to annoy your enemies, not your partners.

What Are Good/bad Maps for Breach?

Breach is most effective in corner-centered maps, especially in Bind and in Split. These maps contain tight spaces making it difficult for the opponents to react. When there’s not a lot of room to maneuver, suddenly, his abilities look like death sentences.

For example, when in Split, stand between the wall where you face against the entrance to the garage. There, you can use your abilities to prevent them from entering.

In contrast, I avoid using Breach in wide maps like Breeze and Icebox. These maps are much more spacious than maps like Split, which means your abilities aren’t as efficient. In the first place, it’s hard for you to correctly guess where the enemies are since there are too many options. And even if you had the information, they can react accordingly to almost no risk.

What Guns Are Good/bad for Breach?

breach 2

Breach excels in close-mid range fights; use this to your advantage and play aggressively. Guns with a high rate of fire suit him very well since you can take advantage of the confusion. I strongly recommend Ares, Spectre, Ghost, Phantom, and Stinger because it complements his playstyle.

As a matter of fact, you can also use guns such as Vandal, Guardian (a personal favorite), Bulldog, and Odin if you don’t want to rush in or simply hold your position. So, to put it simply, I might say there are no terrible guns for him. It only depends on whether you use the space you create wisely.

For eco rounds, you could opt for a Ghost or Spectre. These guns are stable for mid-range encounters, plus it is cheap, like the Ghost costing around 500 credits while the Spectre around 1600 credits. Remember that when you try to hold the fire button, it will continuously end up on a T-looking pattern, so I suggest just tapping the fire button.

In other cases, if you’re rolling in credits, I suggest using the Phantom and Vandal. These rifles can deal a significant amount of damage in a short amount of time. Use the Vandal more often if you’re confident with your aim when they’re knocked upwards since it can deal more damage from a distance and headshot sufficiently.

Otherwise, use the Phantom when you have to help your entry fragger clear a room in close to mid-range encounters.

How to Unlock Breach in the Game

After creating your Valorant account, you will gain access to 5 agents in the game: Brimstone, Jett, Phoenix, Sage, and Sova. To play as Breach in the game, you need to unlock him by activating a contract in the agent’s sub-menu under the Collections tab located under the main menu.

Once you are in the agent’s tab inside the Collections, browse through all the characters until you find Breach. There, you will see a box where it says “Activate Contract,” or you can pay money to unlock him right away (it’s your choice).

Once you’ve activated the contract, play a couple of games to gain experience until you reach the final level, where you can now play as Breach. Experience can be earned in Unrated, Ranked, Deathmatch, and other Event matches. I personally don’t recommend playing games in Deathmatch because it will give you fewer experience points than Unrated and Ranked, thus making it longer to unlock him.

If you really are eager to play as Breach, play more matches in Unrated and Ranked. You will gain enough experience when playing these game modes. Plus, you can also gain perks such as sprays and pistol skin, especially for him on the way through the progress of your level.


Question: Is Breach good with Beginners?

Answer: Yes. Players should familiarize themselves with Breach first. Based on my experience, I had a hard time using him from the start, but eventually, I got used to him because I forced myself to memorize standard angles and spots. Although map awareness and game sense are essential for all characters, they are the key to unlocking Breach’s full potential. Playing Breach will make you better as a player in general.

Breach’s abilities provide valuable debuffs through flashing, knock-ups, and concussions. You’re doing your team a service when you play Breach well. This would take practice, but you’ll feel powerful and intimidating once you’ve mastered it.

Question: Who are the best Breach players?

Answer: I watched many players play Breach, and the best ones are those who understand how to exploit Breach’s abilities through map geometry. Like for example, ShadoW and SicK. Watching them play Breach is both educational and amusing since they always know when and where to use his abilities. I also learned a few niche techniques from watching them.
ShadoW likes to combine Breach’s skills to immobilize his targets. He is also very precise with the timing of his abilities, knowing exactly when to peek.
Likewise, SicK is an outstanding player when it comes to using Breach. He plays aggressively and makes Breach looks unstoppable when played that way. In addition, he has a fantastic game sense which allows him to perfectly time Breach’s abilities with ease. Because of this, he is one of the top Breach players internationally.

Question: Who is Breach?

Answer: Breach is from Sweden. Initially, he was a double congenital amputee as he was born without both arms. Breach is a tall bearded man with long orange hair tied in a ponytail wearing a green vest and brown tactical pants. He has two robotic arms made from carbon steel with titanium plating. Interestingly, he made it on his own with upgrades provided by Raze—another Agent in the game.

His adaptable robotic arms are his signature look and design. Personality-wise, he is kind of like a juggernaut rushing by himself, leaving teammates behind.

Breach was a man of crime before being recruited to the Valorant Protocol. He was a mercenary who worked for money and committed many atrocious crimes before Viper hired him as an operation agent. His offenses committed in the past were all pardoned and sealed off when he joined the team.

Breach has a slightly contradicting relationship with Brimstone, referring to him as a corporate sellout of Kingdom. Aside from looking similar to each other, he wants to fight him all the time. He prefers to meet him in action rather than see him as the team’s commanding officer.

Breach Valorant Guide: Conclusion

Remember that it is not about the shooting and killing other agents; it’s about creating openings. Coordinate with your teammates and synergize your abilities and entrances together. His abilities are best used in conjunction with a duelist.

Mastering this Agent is a surefire way to rapidly increase your ego. For casual players like me, Breach is just too much fun which is why I play him often. Creating disarray and havoc on the enemy team fills me up with so much joy inside.

To sum up everything, Breach is crazy and unhinged, both in lore and also on the battlefield. However, based on his playstyle and abilities, Breach is perfect for those who want to enter the site with a bang (or several of them). His kit revolves around disabling enemies, so if you’re going to just simply play around and annoy your enemies, he’s the one who’ll fit that description.

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