Shane Martin

Shane’s gaming life may have started with MOBAs like League of Legends and SMITE, but over the past decade or so he has stepped into other genres, eager to experience new stories and types of gameplay. More recently, he has ventured headfirst into narrative-driven RPGs to inspire him in his own writing, but by no means has he abandoned the sweaty life of multiplayer games. After all, a daily dosage of saltiness is necessary for his survival.

bastion overwatch

Bastion Overwatch Guide

Bastion is a damage hero, typically seen on a defensive team, as it excels at planting down roots and controlling a specific point with its Sentry configuration (though seeing it on an offensive team is outrageously too common for my liking). Without a shield tank defending it, Bastion is particularly vulnerable due to its Sentry …

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smite tier list

Smite Tier List

Having played SMITE for years in both low and high elo environments, I can safely say that, across all levels of skill, creating a definitive tier list of the gods is a tricky business. Some gods that excel in low-level play are barely viable in high-level play (and the same goes for the other way …

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Nu Wa Build Ideas

Nu Wa is a ranged mage, fighting for the Chinese pantheon. In the Conquest game mode, she’s typically a mid-laner, but I can see a world where she’s taken into the support role, as she has some utility with her big stun and moving stealth zone. As is pretty standard for ranged magic-wielders, she has …

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