Centurion For Honor Guide

Centurion For Honor Guide

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For anyone picking up For Honor as their next online multiplayer game, I’d tell them to grab the Centurion as quickly as possible. This Hero is one of the most versatile characters in the game and has a high-skill cap, meaning he can pull off brutal combos and savage counter-plays.

As a Reputation 27 Centurion player, I’ve found that this Hero strikes a balance between satisfying to play and overwhelmingly dominating against most opponents. Don’t be discouraged while playing with this character as he takes quite a bit of skill and practice to fully master. Once you do, you’ll be able to punch and slash your way to a win with ease.

Bottom line

The Centurion is a Hybrid Hero who specializes in relentless offensive combos, stamina control, and opening up your opponent’s defenses. If you like characters that can get in someone’s face and bully them nonstop, this is the guy for you.

Before you can become the next Centurion master, you need to know the fundamentals of the Hero. Understanding how the Centurion works and what he’s capable of doing is essential. Too many times, I’ve seen enemy Centurions rush into a fight, use the most basic combo possible, and find themselves pinned in a corner because they don’t know what they’re doing.

The Good and the Bad for the Centurion


  • Excels in pinning opponents and draining their stamina
  • Unblockable Heavy Attacks in mid-chain that pins opponents
  • Eagle’s Talon refills stamina and deals more damage than any other of his Heavy Attacks
  • Gap closing dash moves that cover long distances
  • Sprint and Dash Heavy combos open up the rest of the playbook


  • Some combos have long animations, leaving Centurion vulnerable around other opponents
  • Lacks dodge counter moves
  • Small hitbox on Heavy Attacks
  • Eagle’s Talon refills opponents’ stamina
  • Low overall defense aside from punishing parries

Basic Moveset

Centurion For Honor Guide
Image from Wiki Fandom

Centurion has four basic chains that you can use to get a feel for him. More complicated moves can be implemented in these chains and offer a wide selection of follow-ups.

The basic chains are:

  • Lion’s Claws – Light, Light, Light
  • Lion’s Fangs – Light, Light, Heavy
  • Lion’s Bite – Light, Heavy
  • Lion’s Jaws – Heavy, Heavy

Centurion can also charge a Heavy right off the bat that takes a bit of a windup but acts as a decent gap closer. This Charged Heavy can be used in the basic chains above and is great to utilize after pinning an enemy.

If triggered during a basic chain, the Charged Heavy becomes unblockable and pins your opponent just the same. Unstoppable Charged Heavies can be feinted if your opponent tries to Guard Break or Parry, throwing them off balance and allowing you to teach them a lethal lesson.

Additionally, during these chains, a charged and feintable Bash can be dished out that guarantees a Light chain immediately after. Fully charging this Bash will sucker punch your opponent so hard that they stagger to the ground, setting up for Eagle’s Talon, Centurion’s signature Heavy Attack for downed opponents.

Landing an Eagle’s Talon after a basic Jab combo is one of my top 3 favorite moments in all of For Honor. Something about lunging into an enemy sword first after knocking their teeth loose gives me all the satisfaction I need from this Hero.

Eagle’s Talon allows for your allies to pile on and gouge your opponent’s will to get back up while also refreshing your stamina. Be careful when using Eagle’s Talon, though, as opponents nearby can take advantage of the animation and lock you into a chain before you can react, and it refills your target’s stamina bar as well.

To make things worse for Centurion enemies, this move can be performed whenever an opponent falls to the ground except for a few moves, such as the Shaman’s bite.

I typically only bring out this punisher when I’m almost out of stamina, know that no one else is around, or against an opponent that doesn’t heavily rely on their stamina. A sneaky little trick that I didn’t discover until I reached Reputation 19 for Centurion is that you can delay Eagle’s Talon to where you can pull off an execution as your opponent is getting back to their feet, something not possible for a target still on the ground.

Advanced Moveset

Image from Wiki Fandom

All right, now we can get to the good part. The Centurion comes equipped with a kit capable of a consistent onslaught of attacks that leave your opponent begging to get out of the chains.

Before the rework, the Centurion’s chain was a nightmare for anyone caught inside of it since a charged Heavy guaranteed a charged punch. The original combo of endless jabs, kicks, and heavies no longer exists along with my hopes and dreams of Centurion becoming the everlasting champion of For Honor.

However, despite the rework, Centurion can still dominate like he used to; it’ll just take a little more time to practice.

The first thing that I have to mention for his advanced moveset is the Legion Kick.

  • Legion Kick – Dodge Foward + Guard Break

While this move is a three-button combo, it’s a gap closer and offers multiple follow-ups for the next attack. It guarantees a Light Attack when it lands that can lead to a charged Heavy. If I miss with the Legion Kick on a dodge-prone opponent, I use a charged Heavy right after to catch them off guard and get back to business.

  • Legion Kick Heavy Combo – Dodge Forward + Guard Break, Light, Heavy

Similar to the Legion Kick, Centurion’s other gap closer sends fear into the hearts of enemies every single time.

  • Eagle’s Fury – Sprint OR Dodge Forward, Heavy

I’m including this move into the advanced moveset as well for the same reason: it opens a couple of different chain possibilities depending on your surroundings. Eagle’s Fury allows for the Jab, Light mixup as well as a charged Heavy if it lands.

Perhaps the most iconic move for the Centurion has to be his Jab attack.

  • Jab – Light or Heavy hit or Block, Guard Break Hold and Release

After landing any attack or successfully Blocking your opponent’s attack, you can unleash a brutal punch that deals stamina damage and pins your opponent for a short time.

The charged version of this move channels Centurion’s inner god and allows you to knock your opponent to the ground. To perform this action, simply hold the Guard Break in the Jab chain above until the animation is over.

  • Charged Jab – Light or Heavy hit or Block, Guard Break Hold

Eagle’s Talon pairs perfectly with this move, and it doesn’t require your opponent’s stamina to be depleted for a knockdown. The only downside is that it takes a while to charge, so make sure you try to pull it off when your opponent is stunned or pinned. Otherwise, they can dodge it with ease.

Centurion’s Jab Combo is another way to finish off this chain by adding in a quick strike at the end.

  • Jab Combo – Light or Heavy hit or Block, Guard Break, Light

If the Jab lands, you’re guaranteed the Light attack, offering a follow-up with a charged Heavy or any of the combos shown above.

After a Guard Break, Centurion has a unique action that allows you to cave an enemy’s face in over and over. This attack deals stamina damage and makes for a quick punisher.

  • Lion’s Roar – Guard Break, Light, Light, Light

As I discovered by accident one day from pressing the wrong button, you can still throw opponents like you can when you Guard Break after the first two Light attacks instead of landing three. This makes an excellent way to disorient your enemy or simply toss them off a ledge after bashing them with the hilt of your gladius.

All of these combos can be utilized to inflict massive amounts of pain and trauma into all enemies, and as a Centurion player, I hate seeing another one lining up against me. That’s also mainly because mirror matches are no fun.

Main points:

  • Utilize Lion’s Roar whenever possible
  • Use Eagle’s Fury and Legion Kick to close long distances
  • Pin opponents with Jab and Charged Jab to follow up with other attacks
  • Bully enemy Heroes, Centurions are much better on the offensive

Parrying and Other Punishers

Centurion For Honor Guide
Image from Wiki Fandom

Parrying is a key part of For Honor on a surface level, but it’s a necessity for the Centurion. He has a powerful Parry Counter that bashes an enemy with his knee, dealing stamina damage and making the opponent think twice about a first attack.

  • Parry Counter – Parry Heavy Hit, Guard Break

Parrying the Heavy attack leads to a bash and a guaranteed Light attack that opens other chains like Lion’s Bite and a Charged Heavy. On the other hand, parrying a Light attack leads to a pin for a guaranteed Heavy attack.

The best method I’ve found for using the Parry Counter is when an opponent is near some sort of wall or structure since this move results in a wall splat, allowing you to punish with other moves like a Charged Heavy or Charged Jab depending on if you want to deal regular or stamina damage.

As mentioned before, a fully charged Jab knocks down opponents and opens to an Eagle’s Talon, completing a massive combo with finesse and draining your opponent’s motivation to fight you again. Centurion’s parry punishers are ultimately best used near ledges or spikes as that leads to an instant kill.

Practice parrying and recognizing Light and Heavy attacks from enemies to gain the upper hand and dominate trigger-happy Heroes.

Another topic I’ll retouch here is the Guard Break and Lion’s Roar. When utilized with a wall splat, these moves can be some of the most lethal ways to lock down an opponent. After a Guard Break, attack with Lion’s Roar twice and then throw your opponent into the wall for a Charged Heavy. You can also follow up a throw with a Legion’s Kick, but decent opponents will dodge this more than half the time.

Throwing or parrying an enemy who is out of stamina knocks them to the ground, opening the door for Eagle’s Talon, but that might not be the best answer since that move refills the enemy’s stamina bar.

I tend to go for a Heavy attack followed by a Charged Jab just as my opponent is standing, knocking them down once more and leading to Eagle’s Talon then for extra damage. Timing is key when using this, so the safe option is a simple Light into a Charged Heavy that allows you to continue with other chains.

Utilize all of these tactics to your advantage and become a nightmare for anyone standing across from you.

Centurion’s Feats

Centurion For Honor Guide
Image from Wiki Fandom

In 4v4 modes, Centurion’s kit comes with multiple handy feats that elevate his potential and tilt the opponents to no end.

Tier 1

  • Body Count (Passive) – Killing soldiers grants you Health and Stamina
  • Bounty Hunter (Passive) – Gain Health and Stamina when you kill another Hero
  • Rush – Trigger to gain movement speed for a short duration

Body count can be useful in Breach and Dominion if you need a quick way to heal to get back into the fight, but healing within a controlled zone is usually the better option. Rush is great for a quick getaway or for a gank to blindside an opponent.

I typically stick with Bounty Hunter since I’m fighting another Hero if not multiple at a time during most of the match. It’s useful in 1v2 situations, and you can utilize this feat with the non-player Heroes that spawn.

Tier 2

  • Inspire – Allies and yourself deal more damage, soldiers fight faster
  • Haymaker (Passive) – Punches, Kicks, and Throws now deal damage
  • Centurion’s March – Gain unlimited stamina for a short time

Inspire benefits your entire team when they are nearby and allows for a faster push in zones with soldiers. Haymaker is by far the best feat to take here as you should be punching and kicking quite often. I rarely ever change this feat.

When I do, I take Centurion’s March since it allows me to keep up the onslaught without the worry of running out of stamina. I can bully an opponent into submission as much as I want.

With that being said, I’d still stick to Haymaker; Centurion has one of the best stamina pools in the game already.

Tier 3

  • Second Wind – Recover some of your health
  • Pugio – A projectile that deals low damage and traps an enemy for a short time
  • Sharpen Blade – Attacks inflict low damage over time

I don’t believe there’s a wrong answer in Centurion’s Tier 3 feats. They all have their uses. Second Wind can turn the tide of a battle and give you the boost you need to finish a fight, especially against multiple opponents. This also removes fire and bleed damage.

Pugio can pin an opponent, adding another reason for enemies to stay wary and allowing you to full send them after dealing damage from a good distance away. Allies can intercept the projectile, however, damaging and pinning them instead, so be careful.

If you’re battling an enemy that matches you in trades, Sharpen Blade can allow you to play a little more passively as your opponent bleeds out. On the other hand, you can be more aggressive, land more attacks, and sit back as they bleed out completely.

Tier 4

  • Catapult – Call a catapult strike to deal massive damage over an area
  • Stalwart Banner – Nearby allies continuously regain health
  • Phalanx – Grant a shield to all alive teammates

Through trial and error, I’ve decided to put catapult away as my fourth feat on Centurion. The damage is great to have, yes, especially when you’re being chased, but the delay is long and gives your opponents the chance to dodge or roll out of it. It doesn’t one-shot in most cases and generally isn’t all that helpful.

Stalwart Banner allows your teammates to heal, but only within the area where you planted it.

I prefer Phalanx nine times out of ten. Since it grants teammates a massive shield with a global range, this is the better support feat to take. It only lasts for ten seconds, but that may be all an ally (or you) needs to take the upper hand.


Question: How do you knee bash as a Centurion in For Honor?

Answer: Guard Breaking right after parrying an enemy’s Heavy attack will trigger the knee bash and disorient your opponent for a short time. Read over the ‘Parrying and Other Punishers’ section for the full details.

Question: How do you knock down an opponent?

Answer: The Centurion has a couple of ways to knock someone down. A fully charged Jab always knocks an opponent to the ground. You can also down them by parrying their attack when they’re out of stamina. This also works when you throw an enemy when they are out of stamina.

Question: Is the Centurion based on someone in real life?

Answer: Yes, For Honor’s Centurion was inspired by the Roman Centurions that acted as commanding officers in the legions whose origin dates back to the 8th century BCE. Centurions traditionally led 100 men in battle, thus giving them the name.

Centurion For Honor Guide: Conclusion

Centurion For Honor Guide
Image from Wiki Fandom

Centurion has been and likely will always be my favorite Hero to take into a For Honor match. His Hybrid style and devastating offensive potential result in a satisfying feeling with every strike. As you move forward trying to master For Honor’s One Punch Man, be sure to implement a pin at every chance. Pins through Kicks, Jabs, and Throws are the key to landing the rest of your combos and chains.

Use Eagle’s Fury and Legion Kick to close distances and take the fight to the enemy, use Lion’s Roar after a Guard Break and Jabs after landing an attack to drain stamina, and use a Charged Jab to knock down an opponent to open into a Charged Heavy or Eagle’s Talon. Centurion is always best on the offensive, keep up the assault.

The downside to this Hero is that he doesn’t have many great defensive capabilities, furthering the point that you should be harassing enemies as Centurion as much as possible. Parrying is pretty much Centurion’s go-to for defense, and this only leads to counter-offensive moves. Regardless, perfect your parrying skills.

If you’re the type of person who likes making enemies sigh as they see you dauntingly march toward them, you’re in the right spot. Practice these tools and tips ritually if you’re serious about picking Centurion up as your first or next main Hero.

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