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We, MOBA Now Team, are a team of passionate writers and avid MOBA gamers. We specialize in their respective games. We want to bring our love of MOBA games to you. We have played a wide selection of MOBA games. We poured countless hours of playtime, and won (and lost) countless matches. We keep up with the competitive scene. We know the characters, maps, and core mechanics like the back of our hand. We love to be the social hub for all things MOBA.

Scylla Build Ideas

Scylla Build Ideas

Scylla is a Mayan god who belongs to the Mage class in Smite and can be bought from the market using favors or gems. As a mage, she primarily plays a role in the conquest, and her main game mode is “Mid-Laner.” Scylla has strong magical abilities. She is able to deal burst damage and …

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- MOBA Now In this Kukulkan build ideas I will give you general build ideas for Kukulkan so you can make the best use of him and create your own playstyle. Edit Snippet Focus KeywordInsert keywords you want to rank for. Try to attain 100/100 points for better chances of ranking. 70 / 100 Read here to Score 100/100 This post is Pillar Content Basic SEO 2 Errors Hurray! You're using Focus Keyword in the SEO Title. Focus Keyword used inside SEO Meta Description. Focus Keyword used in the URL. Focus Keyword doesn't appear at the beginning of your content. Focus Keyword doesn't appear in the content. Content is 1734 words long. Good job! Additional 5 Errors Title Readability 2 Errors Content Readability 1 Errors

Kukulkan Build Ideas

Kukulkan is a Mayan god who belongs to the Mage class in Smite and is always free. As a mage, he primarily plays a role in the conquest, and his main game mode is “Mid-Laner.” Kukulkan has strong magical abilities that allow him to quickly eliminate the minion waves. Kukulkan, who used to be called …

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