Scylla Build Ideas

Scylla Build Ideas

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Scylla is a Mayan god who belongs to the Mage class in Smite and can be bought from the market using favors or gems. As a mage, she primarily plays a role in the conquest, and her main game mode is “Mid-Laner.” Scylla has strong magical abilities.

She is able to deal burst damage and root her enemies with her first skill. Clear the minion waves and deal instant burst magical damage in an area. With her ability three, she is able to escape or reveal the enemies for a short duration.

In this Scylla Build ideas guide, I will give you general building ideas for Scylla so that you can make the best use of her. Using these build ideas, you can create your own builds with more experience and depending on the situation.

Conquest Map

Early-Game Build

First, we have to look at the passive of Scylla. The passive of Scylla is that she gains 35 magical power for every ability she maxes out. This means that the faster you level up and start to upgrade your abilities, the more powerful you will be because of the extra power that will come from the passive itself.

In the early game, Scylla, like many other mages, has low health and can be cleared out with ease. You do not have enough sustain or damaging capabilities to enter the fights most of the time. This means that most of the time, Scylla may not have enough defensive capabilities and can be killed easily, but do not forget that, as Scylla, you guys have the Sentry Ability to escape from the dangers.

As long as you are not caught underhanded and too far away from your tower, The sentry ability is enough for you people to save your lives from the enemy jungler and ganks of the enemy team in the middle lane.

For a starting item, a conduit gem can be bought.

Conduit Gem

Cost: 700


+25 Magical Power
+100 Mana
+10 MP5

PASSIVE – Every second you gain a stack of Arcane Energy, causing your next damaging ability to deal an additional 2 True Damage and remove all stacks. This effect stacks up to 20 times. Can be upgraded at level 20.

The Conduit Gem is a starting item for aggressive mages and people who want to be more aggressive than usual. By giving you a bit of extra magical power, some “MANA” and “MP5″, it gives you enough capability to damage your enemy and create a problem for the enemy’s middle lane. The most important thing about this subject is that the passive conduit game can clear out enemy stacks”.
This allows you to destroy enemy mid-laner stacks if they are sitting on the lane and just keep clearing out minions for stacking purposes. It is also one of the reasons why we call it an aggressive melee item. The best thing about Scylla is that you can almost go for anything in the early game because we are focusing on the matter of more power and burst damage.
The second item you can buy without feeling too overwhelmed by the price is the “Rod of Tahuti”. To buy the Rod of Tahuti, first you need to buy the “Lost Artifact”.

Lost Artifact

Cost: 550 

+20 Magical Power
+5 MP5

Lost Artifact is a simple item but it gives you an extra 20 magical power and 5 mp5, and both of these things are good for Scylla herself. In the end, the reason we buy the Lost Artifact is not because we will keep it; it is because we need it to upgrade the Rod of Tahuti.

Rod of Tahuti

Cost: 1600 (3000) 

+120 Magical Power
+10% Magical Penetration
+30 MP5

PASSIVE – Basic Attacks and Abilities gain 25% additional Magical Power against targets below 50% Health.

The Rod of Tahuti is one of the best magical power items in the game. Of course, when it was not changed, it was better, but a little more overpowered than usual. But still, with the passive and active bonuses that it gives to the user, it can be used without any problem at all.

By buying Rod of Tahuti, Scylla players, first, get 120 extra magical power, which makes a lot of difference in the early games.

With more magical power, your abilities will do more burst damage, and with the first item “Conduit Gem” you bought. The power of Scylla will be enough to almost two-thirds shoot most of the mage-type enemies and the gods and goddesses that do not necessarily build defenses against magic.

The second thing is that Rod of Tahuti gives its owners plus 10% of penetration, which is something that you will see how important it is against “Warriors” and “Tanks” of the enemy teams. Do not forget that, without enough magical penetration, your burst-focused abilities that can take out many weaker enemies will do nothing against bruiser types of gods.

As the enemy warriors and tanks will have no reason to be afraid of you, one cc ability that stuns and roots you will be your undoing, as they will not allow you to escape at all. You will not even have time to use the Sentinel to escape.

With extra penetration, you will have a chance to pulverize enemy tanks and warriors. Rod Of Tahuti also gives you an extra 30 “MP5”, which is good for you as it increases your ability to stay on the lane without needing to go back to refill your MANA bar.

“Passive Of Rod Of Tahuti”

The reason I am giving importance to Rod Of Tahuti is that the passive of Rod Of Tahuti gives you %25 more magical power. When you use your basic attacks or abilities against enemies with less than %50 of their full health. This may not seem like a strong passive ability, as the enemies need to have less than %50 of their full health. But I assure you it is not.

As we have spoken about it before, the fact that Scylla is a burst-damage goddess with the ability to use one or two spells to almost taking out many non-defensive gods. Having the passive Rod of Tahuti increases your one-shot ability even more.

At the same time, you guys never forget about the ultimate ability of Scylla. It is a big damage ability that one-shots enemies, and if you can kill the enemy with your one-shot. You can use your ultimate again and again until all the enemies are killed or the time of the ability is over.

When using your ultimate ability against targets below %50 of their full health, your ultimate ability will earn %25 more magical power, which will give you a high chance of taking out enemies below %50 of health.

Mid and Late Game Build-Ideas

Scylla is a mage that can build many kinds of different items without too much expertise. In the end, one focuses on penetration and power to take out the enemy mages and low-defense gods.

As well as focusing on the matter of melting down enemy tanks’ health. In the mid-game, you can usually build items without too much thought. It is best to build situational items in such cases. If you are on a losing team, you may need to build different kinds of items, such as “Void Stone.”

Void Stone

Cost –  2250

AURA – Enemy gods within 55 units have their Magical Protection reduced by 10%.




It is an item that can be built into Scylla if you feel like you need extra defense and are getting killed too easily by enemy gods. The extra health of Void Stone will make you more sustainable and defensive, and the extra 60 magical protection will make you even more defensive, so you will not get killed with ease.

The aura ability of Void Stone is good for Scylla, as you are a burst mage that deals instant damage in seconds. More, you break down the defense of the enemy or magical protection of the enemy. The more damage you are going to deal the enemy.

If in the middle game, you are in a good position and the enemy team and your team have some sort of balance or your team is on the winning side. It is good to build more magical power and penetration items. When we are speaking about penetration items, The first thing that comes to my mind is “Obsidian Shard”.

Obsidian Shard

Cost: 950 (2450) 

+100 Magical Power
+20% Magical Penetration

PASSIVE – Your first ability cast gains 10% Magical Penetration. This can only occur once every 10 seconds.

An obsidian shard is an important item for mages. Especially mages that need penetration and have burst-damage abilities. If we were to make a comparison between Scylla and another mage in the game, we can simply say that there are a lot of differences between Scylla and Kukulkan.

Scylla has burst damage spells that destroy enemy gods after the ability hits the target in less than a second. Kukulkan’s main ability is to bring down the enemy by using continuous whirlwind attacks.

For Scylla, having an item that gives her magical power, penetration, and an extra penetration-related passive is a must. With the Obsidian Shard, you will have your chance to ignore the defenses of the enemy and quickly destroy the enemy gods.

There are three possible explanations for why we would need to construct an Obsidian Shard to Scylla.

First of all, Obsidian Shard gives 100 magical power after having been built on Scylla, which is not a low amount of magical damage by any means and will give a strong power boost to Scylla. As everyone knows, if there is insufficient magical power, everything will go downhill in any mage type of goddess or god from now on.

The second reason is the penetration of Obsidian Shard. Scylla’s Obsidian Shard gives 20% penetration, and this kind of improvement would be good for Scylla against high-defense enemies and take down weaker mage enemies with ease.

Late Game – Final Items

Soul Reaver

Cost: 1300 (2650) 

+95 Magical Power
+300 Mana
PASSIVE – Your abilities deal an additional 2% of the target’s maximum Health as Magical Damage. If the target has over 2000 Health, your ability bonus damage scales up. This effect reaches a maximum of 9% Maximum Health damage at 2750 Health. Subsequent hits on the same target do half the bonus damage for the next 3s.

For the late game, you can buy Soul Reaver for extra damage output and for the extra 300 “MANA” it gives you. Scylla is a MANA Hungry Goddess, so having extra MANA would not bother her. As MANA is needed for every kind of goddess, and having MANA changes and improvises the matter of staying in the battle.
More MANA means more time spent in team battles, either helping your teammates or putting the finishing touches on the other gods.
At the same time, Soul Reaver gives you an extra 95 magical power, which is not a small amount and makes a difference when you use your abilities against your enemies. You will be able to, with the help of penetration, take our enemies with ease and create a good deal of power for yourself. As for the last items, two items can be bought.

Staff of Myrddin

+105 Magical Power
+10% Magical Penetration
+10% Cooldown Reduction

PASSIVE – When your ultimate ability has finished casting you gain Myrddin’s Brilliance which provides 70% Uncapped Cooldown Reduction, decaying to 40% Uncapped Cooldown Reduction over 8s. Uncapped Cooldown Reduction overrides normal Cooldown Reduction. At the end of the 8s you lose Myrddin’s Brilliance. This can only occur once every 45s.

Archmage’s Gem

Cost: 1500 (2200) 

Can be upgraded from Conduit Gem at level 20.

+120 Magical Power
+200 Mana
+25 MP5

PASSIVE – Every 1s you gain a stack of Demise, causing your next damaging ability that hits an enemy god to deal an additional 1% of your Magical Power in damage and remove all stacks. This effect stacks up to 20 times.

Scylla Build Ideas: FAQs

Question: What’s the best build for Scylla?

Answer: The best items for Scylla are “Magical Power” and “Penetration” items. Because of Scylla’s burst-type abilities and having high damage and scaling on her abilities, building damage and penetration are essential. One of the most important things is having enough magical power and penetration for Scylla.

Question: Is it feasible to build protection on Scylla?

Answer: Even if the odds are stacked against you, it is not the best way to fortify Scylla’s defenses. It would be best for yourself if you were to keep building damage and penetration. But if you feel like you need some sort of defensive item, it is best to use the Void Stone.

Question: Can Scylla be played in Joust and Arena?

Answer: Scylla can be played on both maps, but the Joust map, But like many other mages in the joust, it requires strong support to combine abilities. Without a strong tank to protect Scylla from enemy attacks, it will be killed easily as long as the enemy players focus on Scylla and make her use escape abilities and kill her when her escape ability is on cooldown.

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