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Valorant Best Knife Skins: Level Up Your Gaming Experience

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Unlike its shooter predecessor, Riot didn’t pull any punches with its knife skins. The company lets loose when creating cosmetics for the game, leading to some very intricate designs. So much so that some of these weapons barely resemble knives. You have the option of wielding rapiers, broad swords, axes, and all other sorts of battle items.

Although a relatively new game, there are so many different cosmetics available in Valorant. You have weapon sets with a Christmas theme, a comic book theme, Oriental and sci-fi themes, etc. Unfortunately for us, you can use just one knife skin when playing the game.

In this guide, I will review some of the best knives in the game and why you should consider getting them.

Key Info Up Front

When playing Valorant, you can use some amazing knife skins as your default weapon design. They can significantly improve the default knife skin and overall game experience. My favorite weapon set is probably Glitchpop. The crazy colors on this knife are so incredible. However, there are also many other weapons worth the mention, like Nebula Knife, Polymer Knifetech Coated Knife, K/TAC Blade, and the Blade of the Ruined King.

One characteristic of Valorant knife skins is that the company often changes the design of the weapon itself. Depending on the set, you get to wield things such as axes, rapiers, swords, switchblades, fans, and various others weapons.

Picks at a Glance

Here are all the weapons I added to the list and why I added them:

  • Glitchpop Dagger would be my first choice. It is a very clean weapon that has a nice glow effect around it.
  • Ruination Blade of the Ruined King has incredible animations. The weapon pays homage to League of Legends, and you also get a cool ring when wielding the sword.
  • K/TAC Blade is an incredibly well-polished sword. Its color combination and design are flawless.
  • Piedra del Sol Obsidiana has a laughing Aztec deity on its face. The weapon’s colors are mild and fit well with the theme.
  • Sentinels of Light Relic of the Sentinel has beautiful equipping animation. The sound effects are also dope, making it feel as if you’re wielding a large metal sword.
  • Nebula Knife has an extremely vivid design. The surface of the knife changes as you move around.
  • Celestial Fan is the only fan in the game. When inspecting the weapon, the agent will use it as a fan to cool themself off.
  • Blast X Polymer Knifetech Coated Knife looks like a child’s toy. It has smooth edges and vivid colors.
  • Origin Crescent Blade has one of the best equipping animations in the game. Slashing moves feel amazing.
  • Artisan Foil has beautiful patterns on its edge. Each of its variants has a slightly different surface design.
  • Reaver Knife leaves demonic blue trails when slashing around. It also has a nice base design.
  • Spectrum Waveform plays a cool tune when inspecting the weapon. The weapon’s colors change as you go from one area of the map to another.
  • Gaia’s Vengeance Gaia’s Wrath is one of the rare axes in the game. It has unique slashing sounds and animations.

What Were the Selection Criteria?

When making the list of best Valorant knives, I considered just a few things:

  • The uniqueness of the weapon.
  • The color schemes and other details.
  • Available animations.

My main focus was aesthetic appearance, but I also considered the in-game animations. Some of these weapons feel amazing when you wield them. Keep in mind that you get special moves with certain knives, changing how you’re using them.

The List of Best Valorant Knife Cosmetics

Here are the best melee weapons in the game:

1. Glitchpop Dagger

Glitchpop Dagger

This is my personal favorite set that comes with two melee weapon skins. You can choose between the traditional knife and axe.

Although the axe is dope, I’m much more interested in the knife. Like the whole set, the weapon uses gold, teal, and purple creating an explosion of colors on the screen. I especially like how teal transitions into purple on the knife’s handle.

Although some people might complain about this choice and putting the Glitchpop knife ahead of some other incredible melee weapons, I’m sticking to my guns. I especially like how the blade gets a different neon glow at level two. However, even the basic version looks incredible and clean.


  • Very clean and polished model.
  • The color combinations are awesome.
  • You get a random neon glow around the knife at level two.


  • No complaints.

2. Ruination Blade of the Ruined King

Ruination Blade of the Ruined King
Image From Valorant Fandom

Blade of the Ruined King pays homage to the item with the same name from the League of Legends. In its basic form, the weapon is broken. When you reach the second level, Broken Blade of the Ruined King becomes whole once again. According to the lore, the sword is reforged with Shadow Isles magic. It goes from the broken sword to the whole weapon during the swap.

With level two, you get a few extra perks. Except for the new animation, your character also gets a ring on their hand. This object represents Viego’s ring, another reference to League of Legends. Blade of the Ruined King comes in three variants, purple, lime yellow, and fiery orange.

Aside from the fact that you’re wielding a sword, I also love the fact that the weapon is initially broken, and you need to get to level two to reassemble it. The lore behind the knife is also incredible, making it one of the most memorable melee weapons in the game.


  • Initially broken, the sword can become whole with level two.
  • It has really cool animations.
  • I also like that you get a wedding ring when you equip the level two version.


  • Even though you get several cool effects with this weapon, and you get to wield a sword, the base model looks a bit simplistic.

3. K/TAC Blade

K/TAC Blade
Image From Valorant Fandom

This set was initially available during REFLECTION: Act 1 Battle Pass. Although the blade doesn’t have the same cool features as the first two entries on the list, I had to add it as one of the best-looking, cleanest knife models in the game.

The weapon looks like a short katana but with straight edges. It has a silver blade with neon pink/purple fuller. Unlike traditional swords, it doesn’t have a guard—instead, the grip transitions directly into the blade. Speaking of the hilt, it also has a very nice design in black and pink.


  • An extremely polished, nice-looking weapon with great color combinations.
  • I like the fact that the blade doesn’t have a guard looking like a long piece of metal.
  • The addition of rainbow fuller is a site for sore eyes.


  • This would be the best weapon in the game if it just had some extra features (level two) or a backstory. Nevertheless, it is still one of the coolest cosmetics in Valorant.

4. Piedra del Sol Obsidiana

Piedra del Sol Obsidiana
Image From Valorant Fandom

When wielding this weapon, you feel like an Aztec warrior who came to abduct and sacrifice victims. Like the previous entry on the list, this set also came with the battle pass (DIMENSION: Act 2 Battle Pass, to be exact). Although these cosmetics are classified as deluxe, they look incredible.

The weapon handles like a knife, although it has the appearance of a mace. Aside from fantastic colors and design, the thing I really like is the tongue sticking from its center. It seems as if the weapon is looking at you all the time. The central area resembles a grinning Aztec mask, and the small spikes around the mace make it look as if the mask is surrounded by the Sun.


  • This is just one of two maces in the game.
  • The grinning face is memorable. I especially like its tongue.
  • Although the weapon’s colors are not flamboyant, they give the mace a rustic appearance.


  • No complaints

5. Sentinels of Light Relic of the Sentinel

Sentinels of Light Relic of the Sentinel
Image From Valorant Fandom

When a knife has a unique name, you know you’re getting something special. Relic of the Sentinel is a part of the Sentinels of Light set, where each weapon gets SFX audio based on LoL champion. This set pays homage to the Sentinels of Light event.

Speaking of sound effects, they’re just amazing, making it feel as if you’re wielding a large metal sword. When you first equip the weapon, it rotates around your arm until it reaches its preset position. This is another cool effect that sets the blade apart.

All in all, I love everything that Riot did with this knife. The Relic of the Sentinel is so unique that it feels like a weapon from a different game. It comes in light green, purple, and pink variants.


  • This weapon probably has the best equip effect in the game.
  • The sound effects are very powerful, making it feel like the weapon is much larger than it actually is.
  • Not only does the knife have a different design, but it looks awesome compared to other cosmetics in the game.


  • No complaints

6. Nebula Knife

Nebula Knife
Image From Valorant Fandom

Nebula set reminds me of those corny t-shirts you can buy online. Each of the weapons in this set has stars and planets plastered against the dark blue and purple sky. However, even though this is a bit cheesy set, I still love its color scheme.

The best thing about the knife is the fact it has a dynamic design. In other words, the celestial bodies are not standing still on the weapon. Instead, as you move around, so do the planets move with you. This creates an amazing effect that is hard to explain in words. Basically, the patterns on the knife are constantly changing, although they have the same theme all the time.


  • I simply love the celestial theme.
  • The space bodies move together with the knife. In other words, the skin is dynamic, continuously changing its colors and patterns as you move around.
  • Due to changing colors, the knife can look funky on different maps.


  • Although amazing in their own regard, the colors and patterns are sometimes trippy.

7. Celestial Fan

Celestial Fan
Image From Valorant Fandom

If you’re looking for something unique, you should definitely consider using Celestial Fan. It feels so awkward going around and cooling yourself off with a fan as you’re getting ready to strike the targets.

The weapon looks like a bull on a stick. When you open it, you can see the traditional oriental imagery on a paper fan, showing black mountains, wind, and the Sun. There are also Chinese characters running across this background.

All in all, this is one of the most intriguing weapons I’ve ever seen in video games. Although there are a few fighting titles where characters use fans, the weapon is extremely unusual.


  • One of the best, unique weapon designs in the game.
  • Cooling yourself off with a fan during a bloodbath feels really satisfying.
  • I like the imagery when you open the fan.


  • Hitting people with a fan is somewhat counterintuitive. The weapon doesn’t feel as impactful as some other items in the game (although the in-game damage stays the same).

8. Blast X Polymer Knifetech Coated Knife

Blast X Polymer Knifetech Coated Knife
Image From Valorant Fandom

BlastX collection has a design very similar to that of Nerf guns. All the pieces in this set feel like toys, with gentle edges and vibrant colors. You can say the same for Polymer Knifetech Coated Knife. Instead of a sharp blade, the knife has an edge that couldn’t cut tomatoes.

I especially like its pop-out animation. It works like a store scalpel, where you push a button upward so that the blade comes out.

The basic model combines green, purple, and orange colors. You can also go with a yellow variant (yellow, blue, and green), a pink variant (pink, purple, and teal), and a black variant (black, light blue, and green). All of the variations are funky, retaining that toy feeling.

Although the weapon doesn’t feel that impactful, it is still fun to use.


  • Great color combinations for all the variants (except for the yellow variant).
  • The item feels unique, as if you’re wielding a toy.
  • The pop-out effect is also pretty nice.


  • Like with Celestial Fan, Polymer Knifetech Coated Knife doesn’t feel like a real weapon. Stabbing someone with a plastic edge is so awkward.

9. Origin Crescent Blade

Origin Crescent Blade
Image From Valorant Fandom

Crescent Blade reminds me of an Assassin weapon from Diablo 2. Origin set follows a sci-fi theme, which you can easily notice when wielding the melee weapon.

During the inspection, the item will start rotating indefinitely in front of the character (only available at level two). As it twists around its axis, two light green circles and two golden rings start spinning around the blade. All in all, this is a fantastic effect.

Crescent Blade also has a nice SFX. When using the blade, it sounds as if you’re slashing around with a sharp piece of metal. Right-button performs a quick gut stab. The item is great if you’re sick and tired of the knife and want to go full D&D.


  • Crescent Blade has one of the best inspect animations in the game. The rotating effect feels right for the Origin theme.
  • The slashing sound effects are perfect for this blade.
  • I like the combination of black, light green, and gold colors.


  • No complaints.

10. Artisan Foil

Artisan Foil
Image From Valorant Fandom

If you’re looking for a gentleman’s weapon, look no further than Artisan Foil. The piece has a form of a rapier, with incredible guard and intricate patterns on the blade. Even the hilt screams elegance, consisting of a long white handle and gold piece twisting around it.

Visually, this is one of the neatest “knives” in the game. When you change the variant, the patterns on the blade also change.

For example, the basic skin has blue wind against a white background, while the red variant has copper branches against a maroon background. The variants are so cool and unique, and it would be a real shame if you didn’t try them all.

I also love the right-button attack. While the normal attack does the standard vertical slashes, the strong attack performs a rapier stab.


  • This weapon has some of the best variants in the game. Instead of just changing the colors, the designers made sure that each variant has a unique feel to it.
  • Also, the weapon has one of the better hilts in the game.
  • The stabbing attack is simply amazing, and it feels satisfying to finish off enemies with it.


  • Slashes are not an appropriate attack for rapiers.

11. Reaver Knife

Reaver Knife
Image From Valorant Fandom

Speaking of effects, this is something that Reaver Knife definitely excels at. As you would expect from a weapon with such a name, each slash of the blade feels soul-taking. The blue trail is quite ominous, persuading you to use the knife even when all other agents have sniper rifles.

Reaver Knife also has a nice, although not spectacular, equip animation. The character will turn the knife upside with a flick of a wrist. Overall, the weapon design is excellent, efficiently combining black, gray, and purple. Somehow, the purple color doesn’t interfere with the blue glow emanating from the knife’s blade.

When adding Reaver Knife to the list, I also considered the other melee weapon from the set, Reaver Karambit. However, I had to go with the knife as it has a much cleaner mode.


  • Reaver Knife has an incredible slashing effect.
  • The color combinations are fantastic, and so is the weapon design.
  • Solid equip effect.


  • No complaints.

12. Spectrum Waveform

Spectrum Waveform
Image From Valorant Fandom

Although many game cosmetics have a sci-fi feel, none of them can compare to Spectrum Waveform in terms of its futuristic design. The weapon looks like an oversized plastic stick that releases colors and sounds. When connecting with an enemy, Spectrum Waveform leaves an electronic trail behind it of the same color as the current blade.

Besides the cool design, the knife has lots of unique effects. Then again, this is to be expected given that Spectrum set is the most expensive Valorant collection to date.

The weapon constantly changes its color going from yellow to green, pink, blue, and purple. With a new variant, you only get a different hilt color; the blade’s color continues changing based on your current location on the map. During inspections, the weapon starts playing Spectrum music through a mini speaker on the hilt.


  • Spectrum Blade has one of the most intriguing designs in the game.
  • The changing of the colors is incredible.
  • It has one of the best inspect effects in Valorant.
  • I also like the trail effect that stays after striking a target.


  • No complaints.

13. Gaia’s Vengeance Gaia’s Wrath

Gaia's Vengeance Gaia's Wrath
Image From Valorant Fandom

Gaia’s Wrath is just one of the few axes in Valorant. I simply love this set, as I haven’t seen anything similar in video games. Instead of the standard parts, you’re wielding organic, wooden weapons imbued with powerful earth crystals. Depending on the variation, the color of the wood and crystals will vary.

The axe has a few incredible details worth mentioning. The weapon has a crystal cheek and knob, while the rest of the item is made from wood. I really like all the small imperfections on Gaia’s Wrath. For example, you can notice small leaves protruding from one of the branches. The wood almost envelops the crystal, creating a beautiful organic symphony.

Although I love the design, the effects are perhaps even better. When slashing around with the weapon, you can hear the sound of leaf cutting. Furthermore, whenever you swing the axe, leaves fall around it. You can hear a peculiar sound unique to this weapon during an inspection.


  • The use of organic parts for a weapon is incredible.
  • I really like the Gaia’s Wrath variations. With each one, you get a different crystal and wood color.
  • Leaves fall around the axe with each swing.
  • The sound effects also imitate leaf cutting.


  • No complaints.


Question: Are knife skins worth buying in Valorant?

Answer: Given that knives are rarely used in Valorant, most people wonder if it even makes sense to buy cosmetics for these weapons. If you’re a casual player, the purchase of a knife skin might not be worth the investment. However, experienced veterans will see value in them. Knife skins often change the appearance of the item while adding a few cool effects.

Question: How many knife skins are in Valorant?

Answer: There are 59 knife skins in the game. Some sets feature two different melee cosmetics, and if you also consider the variants, you quickly realize there are so many options you can go with.

Question: What is the most valuable knife in Valorant?

Answer: Spectrum Waveform is the most expensive knife at this moment. It costs 5,350 Valorant Points individually, or you can purchase it as a part of the Spectrum collection (10,700 VP for the whole bundle). The weapon continuously changes its colors depending on the map section where you’re currently located. It also plays a cool tune when you inspect it.

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