phoenix valorant guide

Phoenix Valorant Guide

Do you like to take challenges head-on? If you play Valorant and are tired of getting crushed even after trying offensive duelists like Reyna, why not pick Phoenix in your next match? Phoenix is one of the first agents introduced in the game. He might not be getting much love from players anymore, but the …

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omen valorant guide

Omen Valorant Guide

Everyone’s favorite morally gray brooding man. Think Phantom of the Opera, but way less creepy. Omen is one of the coolest-looking agents in the game, simply based on his dark aesthetic. He is an enjoyable agent to play because of his teleportation and ability to play on higher surfaces. The Lore behind a lot of Valorant …

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chernobog build ideas

Chernobog Build Ideas

Chernobog is a hunter with abilities that offer great utility in the duo lane and late-game fights. With his attack speed buff, bonus damage, root, escape, and global ultimate, he is a great addition to any team. The current meta for hunter builds also works well with Chernobog. I had fun testing out these Chernobog …

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