Ali Mustafa

Ali is a devoted gamer and a certified tech geek, always checking out new games on the horizon and looking for the next piece of kit to make his PC sing. He's a massive MOBA fan, a lifelong admirer of the GTA series, and when he's not playing games, you can rest assured that he's writing about them!

valorant vs apex

Valorant vs Apex Compared

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the current online competitive multiplayer games heavily dominate single-player campaign games. So much so that you’ll find multiplayer components of many popular story games. Apex Legends overtook Fortnite and Warzone as the most popular Twitch streaming battle royale, which shows Apex is not a game to underestimate, considering …

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ascent valorant

Ascent Valorant Guide

Only a few classic maps are left for Valorant competitive. Especially after the removal of Split from the competitive queue and the addition of Pearl, only Ascent and Bind are present in their original conditions. After the removal of Split, Ascent is my favorite of every map available in Valorant! You will find me jumping …

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phoenix valorant guide

Phoenix Valorant Guide

Do you like to take challenges head-on? If you play Valorant and are tired of getting crushed even after trying offensive duelists like Reyna, why not pick Phoenix in your next match? Phoenix is one of the first agents introduced in the game. He might not be getting much love from players anymore, but the …

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Raze Valorant Guide

Imagine this: you’ve just transitioned from CSGO to Valorant, but the agents seem confusing. Using utilities appears like a tough job, so you’re scrolling from agent to agent looking for the right pick.  If you haven’t chosen Raze, you might be making a mistake! Raze has been the star of Valorant since its beginning. Almost …

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