John-Carlo Vijuan

Having cut his teeth in the writing game at WhatifGaming, Jae has turned his attention to writing about his most beloved genre, MOBA's and has a particular passion for the breakout FPS MOBA titles, Valorant and Overwatch, and can't wait to see what Overwatch 2 has to offer!

sigma overwatch guide

Sigma Overwatch Guide

Sigma is a very great and versatile tank. He has a wide range of abilities, ranging from stuns to projectile absorption and even shields. He offers excellent offensive potential, especially at medium-range and choke points. Let’s take a look at Sigma’s lore, skills, beginner tips that you should know, synergies and counters, and skins. Lore …

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Ashe Overwatch Guide

Ashe Overwatch Guide

Ashe is a powerful medium to long-ranged D.P.S. hero in Overwatch. She excels in keeping her distance away from her enemies and dealing a tremendous amount of damage, especially with her skill called Dynamite which applies D.O.T. (damage over time). Currently, Ashe is still somewhat usable in the meta, and some Overwatch teams in O.W.L. …

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