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Baptiste is a support hero in Overwatch who has one of the most potent non-ultimate skills in the game. He has enormous healing potential, provided that you can land your grenade launcher-like heals.

Not only can he fully support his entire team, but he can also offer a decent amount of damage with his primary fire. Let’s get into Baptiste’s lore, skills, a few beginner tips, synergies and counters, and skins.


From The Blue Seas of The Caribbean


Jean-Baptiste Augustine is among one of the millions of children who became an orphan due to the Omnic Crisis. He grew up with a childhood friend of his, a girl named Roseline Mondésir. Both of them had the dream of building a clinic to treat people within their neighborhood.

As Baptiste grew up, he grew fond of and looked up to the heroes in the Overwatch. Despite Baptiste’s eagerness to join Overwatch, due to limited opportunities and resources, he couldn’t be a part of the team. Baptiste opted to enlist in the military instead, called the Caribbean Coalition.

In his tenure with the Caribbean Coalition, he became a combat medic and served in the military’s special ops. Baptiste initially wanted to become a hero like the ones he idolizes in Overwatch; however, that dream came to an end when Overwatch disbanded.

After completing his service, Baptiste had difficulty finding a team that was looking for his specific skill set. With the lack of a team, Baptiste went to join the Talon mercenary organization, which aimed to profit off the war’s aftermath. Many of his former teammates joined Talon unaware of their true motives.

Baptiste: The Mercenary?

Once Baptiste joined Talon, he retained his position as the combat medic under the tutelage of Captain Cuerva. Baptiste experiences living the good life as all of their missions were easy, and he gets easy money off of them. He saved up some of the money that he got through the missions to build up his dream clinic within his hometown.

Baptiste made friends within the Talon group, such as Mauga and Sombra. Baptiste served in a strike team under Captain Cuerva once again; however, things within the organization changed. Most of his group members resorted to brutality, even expanding to assassinations and operations that involved the death of civilians.

Baptiste then realized that the Talon was working on creating more conflicts and profiting from them. He saw an Overwatch team arrive, attempting to fix the mess that Talon made. Baptiste initially asked some of his teammates to leave Talon with him; however, they all refused. He knew that trying to leave Talon alone would cause his death.

The Incident at Monte Cristi

Baptiste 1

Talon deployed Baptiste, Mauga, and Captain Cuerva in Monte Cristi to assassinate Daniel Fernández, the leader of the Playa cartel who’s been lurking on Talon’s territory. When they came to Daniel’s house, they found no one. Cuerva then sent them to tear the entire town of Monte Cristi down until they found him.

There was collateral damage, civilian casualties, and chaos all around. Baptiste came face to face with a young girl that resembles himself when he was still a child who lost everything due to the omnic crisis. Baptiste decided to lower his rifle and fled to the shore, and tried to escape in a fishing boat. Mauga confronted Baptiste, to which Baptiste responded with an ultimatum of letting him go or he would take arms and fight him.

Over the communications radio, Cuerva asked Mauga if he had already found Baptiste. Mauga responds with no and lets go of Baptiste. As Baptiste bids farewell to Mauga, Mauga tells him to call him once he’s ready to come home. After the exchange, Baptiste bids farewell to Mauga.

The Vigilante Working Towards A Better World

Disgusted with what transpired during his run with the Talon mercenary organization, Baptiste decided to work towards a better world. However, Talon refused to let him go as he knew too much about their operations and ordered agents to come after Baptiste to silence him. Fortunately enough, Baptiste was able to evade them, and Cuerva’s team made the wrong decision by coming at him one by one.

After laying low and out of Talon’s crosshairs, Baptiste’s resolve to create a difference for the world is what mattered most. He carried on by doing humanitarian work, similar to Angela Ziegler A.K.A. Mercy, whom he met while working on a site in Venezuela.

Afterward, Baptiste met a lot of Overwatch members throughout his journey and eventually joined them to change the world for the better.


Exo Boots

Exo Boots (Passive)– Max Range 9.1 meters (Full Charge)

Holding the crouch button allows Baptiste to charge his Exo boots, granting him the ability to jump high in the air. This ability will enable Baptiste to either kite or reposition himself to higher ground. Obtaining the high ground for Baptiste opens up his kit on an entirely different level due to a decrease in the difficulty of landing heal and also his immortality field.

Biotic Launcher (Primary Fire)– Three-Round Burst; 7.2 to 24 HP per round; Falloff Range 25 to 45 meters; Rate of Fire 1 burst per 0.58 seconds; Ammo 45; Reload Time 1.5 seconds; Headshot Capable

Baptiste’s primary fire is a three-round burst that has a decent amount of damage which you can use to apply pressure on enemy supports. Whenever Baptiste uses his primary fire, the crosshair moves up due to recoil, then comes back down after one burst. The technique to using his primary fire correctly is by practicing basic recoil control, which you do by pulling your mouse down, opposite of the recoil.

Biotic Launcher (Secondary Fire)– Healing 70 HP on direct hit and 50 HP within the A.O.E. of the explosion; Projectile Speed 60 meters per second; Area of Effect 3 meter radius; Rate of Fire 1 shot per 0.9 seconds; Ammo 10; Reload Time 1.5 seconds, 0.95 seconds while continuously firing.

Baptiste will throw a healing grenade that heals allies within the A.O.E. of the explosion, or if allies are directly hit with the grenade. A few things to take note of with this skill is that it can not heal Baptiste himself, so don’t bother wasting ammo for yourself; reloading replenishes both primary and secondary fire’s ammo; this skill goes through full-health allies.

Regenerative Burst– Healing 15 HP per second and 75 HP overall (allies), 30 HP per second, and 150 HP overall (self); Area of Effect 10 meter radius; Casting Time 0.384 seconds; Duration 5 seconds; Cooldown 13 seconds.

This ability provides Baptiste an additional healing and survivability to his kit. The heal-over-time effect is applied once Baptiste activates this skill, meaning that your teammates can get out of the A.O.E., and they will still receive healing; this is perfect for dive heroes such as D.Va., Winston, Reaper, Genji, Tracer, etc.

Immortality Field– Health 150 HP for the drone deployed; Heals any deficit from 10% HP in an instant; Projectile Speed 60 meters per second; Area of Effect 6.5 meter radius; Casting Time 0.8 second cast animation; Duration 5 seconds for the generator and 5.5 seconds for the immortality effect; Cooldown 25 seconds.

Immortality Field is one of the strongest non-ultimate abilities in-game. It provides immortality to your dying teammates and prevents enemies from killing them unless the enemies destroy the drone. It is essential for you when to time the deployment of the immortality field to save your teammates and heal them fully before the drone gets destroyed.

Amplification Matrix– Damage and Healing +100% amplified; Maximum Range 35 meters; Area of Effect: 9×5 meter rectangle, with 1 meter beneath the ground; Duration 10 seconds; Ultimate Cost 2310 points.

The Amplification Matrix empowers every projectile and hitscan attacks/heals that go through it. This ability is also known as “The Window”; most players utilize this ability to hold certain points like when pushing the payload or defending at checkpoints. Be wary that Sombra’s EMP can easily destroy this ability.

Beginner Tips That You Should Know If You Want To Main Baptiste

Now that you have a general idea of what Baptiste’s abilities can do, let’s get down to the essential tips and a few pieces of advice that can help you elevate your Baptiste gameplay to the next level. As a support main, Baptiste is one of the most accessible supports to climb up with, especially on low ranks, as explained by ML7 in this video.

Know how to reposition yourself during crucial team fight situations

Using your Exo Boost to reposition to the high ground will help you survive longer during team fights. One important tip that I can provide is if you have a Reinhardt or Zarya, or any tanks that have no mobility skills, you should stay behind them at all times.

This tactic will enable your tanks to be on the offensive as you can heal them directly, which in turn will let them build their ultimate abilities faster. Another important tip is that Baptiste is strong against DPS and Tanks who do not have vertical mobility, as when they try to push you or dive you directly, you can use your Exo Boost to reposition to the high ground, which will help you get away from their range and lets you support the team from a safe spot.

Practice landing your Biotic Launcher heals directly on your teammates rather than hitting the ground

This technique is something that comes with experience. Play quickplay with Baptiste and practice landing heals directly onto your teammates at whatever angle or position you are during the team fight.

There are custom games out there, such as this Ana/Baptiste Healing Trainer, to practice your aim and prediction when healing teammates. There are still other practices that you should do, such as primary fire aim training to help you track opponents better, but for low ranks, it is essential for you to get used to Baptiste’s healing grenade first.

Utilize your Regenerative Burst to help your diving heroes get a needed support before they dive into the enemy backlines

This technique is an important skill to get used to as the additional sustain would definitely help the dive heroes in your team get the much-needed support when you can’t heal them. Another thing to note with Regenerative Burst is always to use this ability during team fights whenever you’re in trouble.

That’s the only time you’re allowed to use this ability for yourself. Other than that, try to save this ability as much as you can for your teammates.

Practice the placement and timing of your Immortality Field A.K.A. The Lamp

One important tip that I can provide with using the Lamp is, if you’re unsure of the trajectory of the ability, try to use the secondary fire of the Biotic Launcher first before using the Immortality Field. Both abilities have the same trajectory, hence making your Lamps more accurate and could turn the team fight around.

Another thing that you can try to do is hide your Lamp behind natural cover so that your teammate will still be affected by its field; however, enemies will have a hard time destroying it. This ability has the longest cooldown for a reason. It is a non-ultimate ability that can prevent your allies from dying during crucial moments in a team fight.

Know when to use the Amplification Matrix for yourself or your entire team

Believe it or not, you can use Amplification Matrix by yourself; however, this is highly situational. The only time that I would recommend you use this for yourself is when you have L.O.S. (Line of Sight) on the enemy’s backline or squishies.

If you are confident with your aim, then try to make an awkward play by using this ability for yourself and frag enemies at choke points. Other than that, use this ability in tandem with your teammate’s abilities, such as a Soldier 76’s Visor, a Reinhardt’s Firestrike, or even with Zarya’s right-clicks, as they will benefit more from your ultimate ability. Refrain using this in an open area, as enemies will be able to find natural cover and wait out until your Window expires.

As an added bonus, we have included a video for you as we believe that ML7 is one of the most educative Support-Main streamers and content creators for Overwatch. ML7 provides lots of insights, especially in-game and on-the-fly decisions.

Synergies, Team Composition, and Counters

Now, let’s learn about what heroes go well with Baptiste and what heroes counter him. It is essential for you to know this information as you can adjust your playstyle and know what to look out for whenever someone tries to counter Baptiste.

Heroes That Synergize Well With Baptiste



Reinhardt is one of the tank combos with Baptiste. An aggressive Reinhardt in your pocket would be able to keep swinging his hammer, which in turn would hasten his ultimate ability charge. Something that you need to know is that a Reinhardt that can quickly build up his Shatter almost always wins in low ranks.


Similar to Reinhardt, Zarya with a pocket Baptiste will help her be more aggressive, weaving in and out of skirmishes and utilizing her bubbles to gain energy charges.


All of these heroes have one thing in common: a flank-type DPS. These DPS benefit from your Regenerative Burst, as discussed earlier. However, you also need to aim appropriately to heal them while they are flanking the backline, so make sure to practice your heals!

Soldier 76

This synergy is only viable on low ranks as you can catch many enemies off guard by pulling off a Tactical Visor + Window with a good Soldier 76. Many people in low ranks are usually unaware of ultimate tracking and their positioning; hence if you have a duo DPS, try out this combo to climb out of your rank!


As Baptiste, you can opt to be the primary healer, but what’s better is having a main healer instead. If you have someone like Moira or Mercy who can serve as your main healer, you will be able to free fire on enemies and do more game-changing plays, such as getting picks on enemy supports and finishing off low DPS.

Heroes That Counter Baptiste



Roadhog’s ability to instantly hook and kill a squishy teammate counters Baptiste’s ability to heal them over time. A Roadhog hook would force a Baptiste to use the Lamp, which the enemy team can then utilize to dive your backline.


One thing that you need to remember when Sombra is on the enemy team is that she can hack your Immortality Field, and her EMP can erase your Amplification Matrix. To counter Sombra as Baptiste you need to make sure that you track her ultimate ability and inform your teammates if she has EMP.

Wait for Sombra to engage with her EMP, heal your teammates when you can not cast your abilities, and then try to save anyone who is still alive with your Lamp and your Regenerative Burst. As a support, it’s part of your duty to track ultimate and inform your teammates about possible enemy usages, especially if you’re playing solo queue.


If you’re battling against a Doomfist, you need to be more cautious when using your Lamps, as if you time it wrong, the Doomfist can punch your teammate off of the Lamp’s radius, dying in the process (if they hit a wall).

A good technique is to assess where the Doomfist is and try to predict where your teammate will land after getting punched by Doomfist and instantly cast your Lamp there. However, this is very difficult to do, and sometimes a Doomfist might try to bait out your Lamp and cancel his charge.


Widowmaker’s range beats Baptiste’s kit on all cylinders. Baptiste thrives on sustaining the HP of low allies, but burst damage is his weakness. Widowmaker can one-shot you, your DPS, or your other support. Not to mention she can also snipe your Immortality Field.


Ana’s Biotic Grenade can negate any healing that you will provide to your teammates if they are hit with it. This instance is devastating, especially if they are under your Immortality Field, as it will almost render your Lamp useless.


  • Classic (Default)
  • Ble (Rare)
  • Vyolèt (Rare)
  • Vèt (Rare)
  • Wouj (Rare)
  • Camouflage (Epic)
  • Wasteland (Epic)
  • Vampire (Epic: Halloween)
  • Desert Ops (Legendary)
  • Spec Ops (Legendary)
  • Buccaneer (Legendary)
  • Pirate (Legendary)
  • Talon (Legendary: Archives)
  • Overwatch League Skins


Question: Is Baptiste Still A Part of Talon?

Answer: Baptiste already abandoned Talon, and currently, agents of Talon are still after him due to his knowledge of their operations and modus operandi. We would still need to wait for a few more chapters of Baptiste’s lore to know what will happen to his severed allegiance with the Talon organization.

Question: Is Baptiste A Main Healer?

Answer: Baptiste can be the main healer due to his healing potential. However, he would be much more effective if he could weave damage in between his healing. One of the best combos with Baptiste is Ana, since either of them can be the main healer and can interchange the role during the match.

Question: Is Baptiste Considered A Hitscan Hero?

Answer: Let’s first break down the meaning of hitscan; hitscan means that wherever your gun or crosshair is pointing at, shooting at that will shoot a ray instead, instantly registering a hit if it is aimed at an enemy. In contrast to projectiles, it takes time for the bullet/projectile fired before it hits the enemy. Baptiste’s primary fire is a hitscan, while his healing grenade is a projectile.

This trait means that whenever your crosshair is at an enemy, and you decide to press the left-click for Baptiste, you’ll instantly damage them as long as you track them properly.


Baptiste is one of the most versatile supports, he can be a tertiary damage dealer, or he can go full-on main healer. Remember to properly manage Baptiste’s cooldowns and know when to use the Immortality Field and Amplification Matrix, and your teammates will appreciate you. Also, it would be best to practice your positioning and healing and be as efficient as possible for your team.

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