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Kukulkan Build Ideas

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Kukulkan is a Mayan god who belongs to the Mage class in Smite and is always free. As a mage, he primarily plays a role in the conquest, and his main game mode is “Mid-Laner.” Kukulkan has strong magical abilities that allow him to quickly eliminate the minion waves. Kukulkan, who used to be called “Ao Kuang,” was the first god I started playing the game with and was my main character when I just started playing the game.
I will give you general build ideas for Kukulkan so that you can make the best use of him. With these build ideas, you can develop your own play style for this god.


Conquest Map

Early-Game Build

As a player of the game and as someone who enjoys playing Kukulkan, it’s easy to see that Kukulkan is a weak and easily killed “entity” for Assassins in the early game. But as a mid-laner and mage with high area damage and good abilities, he’s well suited for farming.
For the starting item. We need to focus on the passive ability of “Kukulkan.” The passive ability of Kukulkan is simple. 4% of the total MANA is converted to magic power, which increases Kukulkan’s power and damage ability.
 This passive shows that the more “MANA” items we buy for Kukulkan, the more power we get.
All in all. For the starting item. 80% of the time I’d used “Book of Souls” and with the early power increase from the item and as well as the additional 125 “MANA”. It gave me enough sustain and a longer duration in the lane. Remember. In the early games, more time spent farming in your lane is important to build up a good item set for Kukulkan.
Kukulkan is a weak and squishy god in the early game, and players need to focus on sustain and farming in the lane, which brings us back to the first point about needing items for sustain.


Image from Smite Fandom Wiki

Book Of Souls

Book of Souls

Cost – 700


+125 MANA

The Book of Souls gives you an early energy boost as well as additional MANA, so you can spend more time on the lane and use your abilities often without worrying about MANA expenses, leading to better farming and thus better items.

We’ve found that it’s not the best idea to build “defensive or movement items” for Kukulkan. Unless we desperately need defensive items against strong opponents with gold advantage. For this reason, I don’t recommend buying shoes as the first item, as most Kukulkan players do.

You can do it, but it’s not recommended if it’s not necessary. But if you need a defensive magic item against enemy magic gods.

The item that needs to be built for the second or third item is definitely the “Void Stone.”

Void Stone

void stone

Cost –  2250

AURA – Enemy gods within 55 units have their Magical Protection reduced by 10%.




The Void Stone is a situational item that rarely needs to be built on Kukulkan in the “early game.” When the team and the game itself get out of hand, and the opposing team has the advantage of gold and level. There will be assassins and carries to take out Kukulkan, whether they’re magical or physical enemy gods.

Then it makes sense that you build the Void Stone. The reasons are simple. First, the Void Stone gives you 250 extra health, and towards the end of the early game, 250 health decides a lot of things. Most of the time, you’ll have 250 to 400 health left after a full charge of a medium Assassin, depending on the differences in your build.

With the extra Health that the Void Stone item gives you, it becomes difficult for enemy Physical Assassins to take you out. If you farm on the mid-lane against an enemy mid-laner who’s most likely a “mage” and deals magic damage, you’ll have an easier time thanks to the Void Stone.

Two hundred and fifty extra health and sixty magic protection make you more tankable and resistant to enemy attacks. There are some drawbacks to building Void Stone on Kukulkan because since you’ll be more tankable, you’ll have to extend your lane dwell time.

But of course, in a losing game. Without a simple Bruiser item. You’ll be taken out in the early game by the stronger assassins on the opposing team with ease.

Mid and Late Game Build – Ideas

If your team is winning the most teamfights and has advantages over the opposing team, and you’re in the middle of the game with Kukulkan, there are several builds and paths you can take without worry.

These builds have similarities, as I’m an avid Kukulkan player myself. I don’t advise buying a lot of complex items. I believe and know that it’s best to limit yourself to power and mana items when building Kukulkan.

Full Power Build


Book Of Thoth,

Cost: 1150 (2500) 

+80 Magical Power
+250 Mana
+20 MP5

PASSIVE – You permanently gain 10 Mana per Stack and receive 5 Stacks for a god kill and 1 Stack for a minion kill (max 75 Stacks). 7% of your Mana from items is converted to Magical Power. At 75 Stacks this item Evolves, gaining 3% extra Mana to Power conversion.

A must for Kukulkan in the past and in the present. The Book of Thoth gives Kukulkan enough power and mana to let you spam your Whirlwind ability to poke the enemy and show the target a one-way ticket to hell.

Without the Book of Thoth. Kukulkan won’t be able to reach his full potential.chronos pendant

Chronos Pendant,

Cost: 1300 (2700) 

+90 Magical Power
+20 MP5
+20% Cooldown Reduction

PASSIVE – Every 10s the Pendant activates, subtracting 1s from all of your abilities currently on cooldown. The initial countdown will not start until you leave the fountain.

The Chronos Pendant is an item that can be purchased for the Damage and, most importantly, Cooldown Reduction abilities. Buying the Chronos Pendant on Kukulkan reduces the cooldown of its abilities, which increases your character’s power potential and makes it more deadly.

Back in the day, the Chronos Pendant was a more powerful item, but right now, it’s not as powerful as it was in previous seasons. In the end, It’s still an item you can buy without hesitation, if only because of the cooldown reduction.

warlocks staff

Warlock’s Staff

Cost: 1150 (2500) 

+95 Magical Power
+150 Health
+200 Mana
+10% Magical Penetration

PASSIVE – You permanently gain +1 Health and +0.8 Magical Power per Stack, and receive 5 Stacks for a god kill and 1 Stack per minion kill. (Max. 75 Stacks)

+155 Magical Power
+225 Health
+200 Mana
+10% Magical Penetration

The Warlock’s Staff is an item that gives you what you need in Kukulkan with a complete boost. It gives you MANA, which means power and more abilities for Kukulkan. It gives you penetrating power so that your abilities can penetrate the enemy defense more easily.

Last but not least, it gives you a high boost of magic power so you won’t be outmatched by the enemy team mages. With the power that the item brings, your abilities do more damage after the item is completed. You’ll see your abilities start to hit hard. It’s a powerful item that can be built into Kukulkan, and most of the time, it needs to be built-in.

soul reaver

Soul Reaver

Cost: 1300 (2650) 

+95 Magical Power
+300 Mana
PASSIVE – Your abilities deal an additional 2% of the target’s maximum Health as Magical Damage. If the target has over 2000 Health, your ability bonus damage scales up. This effect reaches a maximum of 9% Maximum Health damage at 2750 Health. Subsequent hits on the same target do half the bonus damage for the next 3s.

The next item you can buy is Soul Reaver, for three reasons. It gives you an extra 95″ of magic power, which is no small damage output. The second reason is the extra 300 “MANA” it gives, which, as we’ve already mentioned, matches the passivity of Kukulkan, and because of the extra MANA, you’ll do more damage to enemy gods.

The third reason for the Soul Raider’s passivity is that it deals extra damage that depends on the target’s health, and this scales if the target has more than 2000 health. This means that you’ll deal more damage in the late game against the gods.

It also gives you additional ways to damage the enemy tanks since the enemy’s tanks have more health to finish off the enemy.


Question: What’s the best build for Kukulkan?

Answer: the best build for Kukulkan is “MANA” and “High Magic Damage” items. Because of Kukulkan’s passivity, the MANA build not only increases your MANA, to use your abilities more often but also increases your magic damage.

Question: Is it feasible to build protection on Kukulkan?

Answer: If the team and the game are going badly for you and your team, it’s feasible, as we’ve already discussed. It’s better to do less damage than to keep dying and feeding enemy team members.

Question: Can Kukulkan be played in Joust and Arena?

Answer: Kukulkan can be played on both maps, but on the Joust map, he needs a strong tank to support him with his abilities, for example, Ares with his ultimate ability. On the Arena map, you need to stay in the background and focus most of your time on destroying the opposing team’s minions and waiting for opportunities for your ultimate ability and your third ability, Whirlwind.

Kukulkan Build Ideas: Conclusion

Kukulkan is a god with high area damage and abilities that combine well with his teammates. But you’ve to know that Kukulkan is a squishy god and if you don’t play him right, you’ll be chased by an enemy team in the jungle with ease.

You need to build-up to the situation, and if things don’t go right, you need to use both defensive items and items with damage for you. Doing less damage is better than dying and feeding the enemy team all the time. Items are easy to buy at Kukulkan. The player’s focus.

You’re should be on building MANA items as well as items with magic damage. Sometimes for defensive purposes as well. Void Stone can be bought for extra health and magical protection against enemies.

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