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Omen Valorant Guide

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Everyone’s favorite morally gray brooding man. Think Phantom of the Opera, but way less creepy. Omen is one of the coolest-looking agents in the game, simply based on his dark aesthetic. He is an enjoyable agent to play because of his teleportation and ability to play on higher surfaces. The Lore behind a lot of Valorant agents is not an open book, but Omen’s is probably the most unknown.

Omen is a controlling agent apart of the Valorant Protocol. Playing Omen can either be the playmaker for your team or choose to make the game-changing plays on your own. This versatility in ability is what makes Omen one of the most powerful agents in the game. 


Who Is Omen?


The origin story of Omen as an agent is not entirely known or crystal clear. Omen’s whole shtick is that his background is a mystery to even himself. Where he is from and even his name are unknown. Think Winter Soldier from the MCU, except Omen does not have a Steve Rogers to remind him that he is Bucky Barnes. 

The only thing he knows for sure is that he has ties to a place called Point Light. Do we know where Point Light is? Nope. Do we know its significance to Omen or Valorant? Nope. Is it frustrating that this is all Omen seems to know about his past self? Yup. 

He was the third recruit into Valorant Protocol, but he was the first radiant being. Radiants within Valorant are exceptional individuals that possess some sort of supernatural abilities resulting from First Light. His hypernatural skills are what give him his dark and shadowy aura. He can teleport, inflict paranoia among enemies, and create smoke.

It is implied that in his past life, he was somewhat evil or a “bad guy,” but if so, he did ultimately turn a new leaf and join the Valorant Protocol. 

Omen’s Relationships With Other Agents



Viper is the agent with the closest relationship to Omen. It is implied that they both knew each other before they joined Valorant protocol. When Viper was still Dr. Sabine, and when Omen was a human who had memories and a real name. In-game, they refer to each other as “old friends,” and Omen will even refer to Viper by her old name, “Sabine.” 

There are theories that they knew each other while working for the Kingdom, which was an evil corporation before the creation of the Valorant Protocol. They must have had a close relationship, considering Viper seems to be the only agent to have any recollection of who Omen was before he was Omen.



Sage is another agent that seems close to Omen. It appears as though they may have known each other prior to joining Valorant Protocol. In-game, Sage will refer to Omen as a “poor soul,” eluding to the fact that she knows the pain and confusion he deals with. 

Omen’s Skills & Abilities

Shrouded Step (C)

Shrouded Step (C)

Shrouded Step is one of Omen’s Basic abilities. By equipping this ability, you will be able to teleport within range to different areas of the map. The price of equipping this teleportation ability is 100 credits in-game.

When you “fire” this ability, Omen’s hands will create blue light, then your crosshair will become a target. You can teleport up to 15 meters; the total teleport time is 1.2 seconds. Using Shrouded Step in-game will not give off any audio or noise, so this is an excellent skill to sneakily reach essential areas of the map or sneak behind your opponents. 

Paranoia (Q)

Paranoia is another one of Omen’s Basic abilities. To utilize this ability, you will need to equip a blinding orb. This ability is a little more expensive, coming in at 300 credits. Once equipped, you will be able to throw an orb that will temporarily make those within its’ path nearsighted for 2 seconds.

This orb can travel a length of 32.5 meters and has a 4.3-meter radius. It also can go through any walls or building. Strategic placement of Paranoia can have a massive effect on the match. 

Dark Cover (E)

Dark Cover (E)

Dark Cover is his Signature ability. This is your vision block ability. You will use your “fire” ability to move your marker across the map when equipped. When Dark Cover is in use, you will see the map in a phased/mirrored viewpoint.

In this viewpoint, your enemies will appear as being highlighted in red, but they will not be able to see your orb as you are operating it. This is a great skill to gain intel on where your opponents reside. When the smoke orb is deployed, it can be done by any range or altitude, making it deadly.

The smoke will stay up for 15 seconds in total in a 4.1-meter radius of wherever it is deployed. The orb itself travels up to 64 meters per second and can travel up to 80 meters. 

From The Shadows (X)

From The Shadows is Omen’s Ultimate ability. This is his Shrouded Step but on steroids. When you use this ability, a display of the whole map will appear on your screen. You can select ANY area on the entire map and immediately teleport to that location.

On top of that, when this Ult is in use, your opponent’s team will lose their ability to see a mini-map. There is a short windup time of 1.5 seconds and 2.5 seconds to arrive at your location, making the journey to any area on the map only 4 seconds long.

After the 1.5-second windup time, Omen will appear as a “shade”, while you are in this mode, enemies can shoot at you to get you out of your Ult. You will not take damage per se, but you will be unable to complete the instantaneous teleportation. 

How To Play As The Most Effective Omen

Master The Fundamentals

Mastering the fundamentals may sound like an elementary outlook on how to play Omen, but being a pro at the basics will set you apart from the mid Omen players. Omen has a lot of extraordinary abilities that revolve around teleportation.

Yes, these abilities are really cool, but they are challenging to master. So, taking the time to become a pro at all of Omen’s skills is vital to play well as him. As previously stated, when playing Omen, you can play more behind the scenes and set your teammates up; or you can go for that play of the game on your own. Due to his adaptability, knowing and working his abilities both inside and out is necessary to set you apart.

Sneaky Teleports

Teleporting is what Omen is most known for. So, using his mobility to your utmost potential is another key to playing a good Omen. For example, when Ulting and using From the Shadow, your enemies will hear a distinct sound.

From experience, when hearing this audio go off during a game, your opponents will immediately get paranoid and start wondering where it is precisely that you are teleporting to. If you “cancel” this ability, there is no sound. So, you can enact your Ult just to make the noise, simply to mess with the minds of your opponents.

Position-wise, it is also vital to teleport to locations on the map that make the most sense and will have the biggest payoff. When you are in your “Shade” form, you will be able to look around the selected area and see if there are any threats.

Take that time, and use it wisely. Find crevices within the map that will allow for a safe transition or corners that will hide you from your enemies. It is also smart to teleport to higher areas on the map. Being at a higher level than the rest of the agents will allow you to make it to the site by means of a different route and will give you a different viewpoint that both your enemy and your teammates will not have.

Be Smart

Even though teleporting is Omen’s illustrious skill, do not get trigger happy! It would be wise to save up your abilities and use teleportation to get you out of fights as a way to retreat rather than using it to move forward tactically.

If you are new to playing Omen, I suggest holding off on teleporting until you get used to it and saving it to get you out of sticky situations.

Don’t dive; stay alive! Staying alive during a match may seem like a manageable order to follow, but stick with me. Often Omen will be the only smoke character or one of two smoke characters on a team. So, if you die early on in a match or if you die in general, you are leaving your team without any means to “block” the other team or obstruct their line of sight. Omen is a fantastic supporting agent, but you need to be alive to be supportive. 

Best Maps For Omen


Valorant Wiki – Fandom

Bind is a map with a lot of intricacies. There are ample amounts of walls, cubbies, and small rooms that Omen can use, all to his benefit.

When using your Shroud Step or even From the Shadows, it is vital to have secret areas on the map to teleport to safety. Since Bind has so many angles and corners to hit potentially, it allows many opportunities to use Omen’s mobile abilities.

You can also use your other abilities like Paranoia and Dark cover to clear out these crevices of the map and force your opponents into the line of fire for your teammates. 


Valorant Wiki – Fandom

Split is another map where an agent like Omen is basically a necessity. His Dark Smoke ability comes in clutch the most on Split. Since the A and B sites are much smaller on this map compared to other maps, concealing different locations can be highly effective.

There are also high points on the map to which you can use the Shrouded Step ability to teleport. Here you can get the higher ground, Anakin, and move onto different sites or areas on the map sneakily without being seen by your opponents. 

Worst Maps For Omen


Valorant Wiki – Fandom

It is debated whether or not Ascent is an excellent map to play as Omen. In my opinion, it ultimately comes down to your skill level and familiarity with Omen as an agent. However, it can be more challenging to play as him. As we have established, Omen thrives on maps with small spaces and corners to move to.

Since Ascent has a lot of wide open spaces, it can be a struggle to get used to. It can also make the From the Shadow Ult less punishing due to the lack of walls and tight areas. Omen is by no means the worst map for Omen, but it will make your gameplay more strenuous as opposed to the maps mentioned above. 


Valorant Wiki – Fandom

Icebox is a very open map with many entrances and exit areas. Since Omen is a controller agent, his smoke abilities are not as necessary in a map with this outline. He thrives in smaller spaces where you can quickly teleport and be stealthy, all things that Icebox does not cater to. I would advise you to choose another controller like Brimstone if you want to make a difference on this map. 


Question: Is Omen a good agent to play for newcomers?

Answer: Even though Omen has some high-level abilities, I also think he would be a really fun agent to play if you are a newbie to Valiant. He is very similar to Reaper from Blizzard’s Overwatch, so if you are familiar with Overwatch or Reaper as a character, go for it with Omen! As to not give false hope, if you are new to the game, you may not be a high-tier Omen right off the bat, but he has some of the coolest abilities compared to other agents that his play style may seem more attractive. 

Question: What are Omen’s weaknesses?

Answer: Omen is one of the few agents in Valorant whose abilities do not deal out any damage. His skills are strictly used for traveling across the map and obstructing/tampering with the view of the opponents. Some other “smoke” agents also have a smoke cloud, similar to Omen, but theirs will also deal damage like Viper’s abilities. 

Another one of Omen’s weaknesses is that when he uses his Ult ability to teleport, From the Shadows, it makes a loud noise that everyone across the map can hear. So, when he does deploy this ability, the other team will be made aware. As mentioned, you can use the audio to your advantage and mess with the other team. But more inexperienced Omen players may not have the foresight to do so. 

Question: What are the best guns to use as guns?

Answer: The guns you choose to buy for Omen are all dependent on your play style. If you are someone that likes to play more aggressively and seek our enemies while pushing points, choose something like the Ghost or Stinger guns. But, if you are more of a passive-style player that likes to hang back and support, then select a weapon like the Marshall or the Guardian. 

Omen Valorant Guide: Conclusion

Omen is one of the most fun characters to play in Valorant. And, if you are willing to put in the time to master his abilities, you will make a big difference on any team you play with. 

As a cross between Overwatch’s Reaper and Marvel’s Winter Soldier, you cannot help but hate to love this morally gray agent. Even though his origins are unknown, or even his real name, one thing he knows for sure is – I am the beginning. I am the end. 

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