Killjoy Valorant Guide: The Killer Tech Support

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Professional Valorant players know how important Killjoy can be on any map of the game. For a long time, she was one of the most influential agents in Valorant. Although she still remains a viable choice for many players, Killjoy is slowly phasing out of the game. With her abilities, Killjoy can hold an entire site on her own and even defend the place in a post-plant situation.

It’s no wonder that agents like Chamber and Fade are pushing Killjoy out of the picture. Be sure to go through this guide carefully, and you will become a proper sentinel in no time. 

Before we start talking about Killjoy’s defensive abilities, let’s peek into her background.

Who is Killjoy? 


Killjoy is one of Valorant’s most successful sentinels. Her job is to defend her team’s position using her abilities. Killjoy has been in the game since the beginning, and she’s been an integral part of balancing teams. Players who like to rush, get kills, and play erratically will always encounter difficulty playing with Killjoy. She’s an agent suitable for those that like to play defensive and love to go through different strategies.  

Killjoy’s original name is Klara Böhringer. During development, her codename was also Killjoy. According to the lore, Killjoy is an inventor who hails from Germany. Her history with the Kingdom Corporation is quite extensive. 

Unlike other agents who have inherited some of their abilities through experiments, Killjoy has created her kit by herself. Providing intel on the enemies’ approach and causing damage to them as well, she can be an important part of the team in every situation.  

To know better about the German innovator, let’s take a look first at Killjoy’s personality and attributes.

How Killjoy Came to Valorant?

Killjoy has one parent who comes from German ancestry. The Dossiers of Patch 4.05 describe two names linked to Killjoy, Emil, and Zehra. It shows that they might have been her parents, denoting that Killjoy’s mother might have been of Middle East origin. 

Killjoy is well-known for her intelligence and genius. She was also a nominee for the Distinguished Inventor award, possibly from the Kingdom Corporation. She even became the head of the Kingdom Corporation’s R&D department at just eighteen years of age, implying that she is a genius. 

Although she uses it more on the battlefield to help the Valorant Protocol, her breakthrough achievements have been the cause of destruction as well. According to the Blackmailer, the Kingdom used her inventions to further their cruel plots, leading to civilian deaths and mass destruction. 

The Dossier holds Killjoy responsible for the catastrophe Kingdom Corporation’s evil motives have caused. In the documents, Killjoy didn’t monitor how her inventions were being used, and she remains oblivious of the role she has played in the destruction of life. 

Killjoy was the fourth agent to join the Valorant Protocol. In the cinematics, she was the first to land and get to the planted spike. The video even shows that her bot runs with her on two legs, though it has not arrived in-game yet. She defuses the spike using a superheated Radi-Core from her bot.  

Raze and Killjoy created the Max Bot – a robot that is capable of imitating their enemies’ actions. The two designed it for practicing strategies, according to the lore.

A Dedicated and Helpful Agent

Agent Killjoy

From her appearance, Killjoy gives a friendly vibe. She is a helpful agent who has worked for the Kingdom Corporation but is willing to work for the right motive. She wears a yellow jacket on a tainted shirt, with blue pants. Her hair comes down to her face from her hat, indicating that she is a hardworking agent. 

Killjoy is a strategic agent who works very precisely. She takes inspiration from Brimstone for strategy-building and considers him a respectable figure. That’s why she decides to work on things from a more broad-minded perspective. 

“Remember, your weapon is only a tool. You can’t just shoot; you have to think!” 

– Killjoy, on Round Start

There are also numerous fan theories that Killjoy and Raze are in a secret relationship. The developers have spoken about the subject vaguely, giving subtle hints that the two might be dating. Killjoy also considers other members of the Valorant Protocol her friends. 

She also thinks that she is underappreciated. Her voice lines indicate that the other agents do not acknowledge her efforts and take her for granted. Although she uses humor to mask the general assumption, it’s not difficult to notice that she’s disappointed with their disbelief in her. 

“Everyone makes fun of German efficiency. Haha, just keep laughing as you use all my gear.”

 – Killjoy, on Round Start

Killjoy’s Abilities and Qualities

What makes Killjoy so successful in games is her kit. She has become one of the most picked agents because her abilities grant her high chances of success in every round. According to the lore, she crafted all those gadgets herself. While making quick work of the enemy, they can also indicate many important things about their plans for the round. 

 Let’s look at these abilities.  

1. Turret 


A nuisance unparalleled – Killjoy’s famous Turret is notorious for being one of the most infuriating sidekicks. Her primary ability is a sentry gun that fires on its enemies from almost every direction.  

Killjoy uses a wristband on her hand to place her Turret. She can also call it back in case the other site is compromised. However, it takes around twenty seconds to regenerate, giving her ample time to clear out corners and make her way to the other site. 

The Turret can be destroyed if the enemies fire at it. It’s tiresome to get rid of it because it keeps shooting you unless you have a powerful weapon. Pistol rounds make it a problem, as it requires several pistol shots to break. Once destroyed, Killjoy has to wait 45 seconds before she can place another Turret. 

The sentry gun fires three shots in a burst, causing ample damage. In a 0–20-meter range, it deals 8 damage. From 20-35 meters away, the Turret gives 6, and 4 from a range of more than 35 meters. 

However, the Turret works when Killjoy is at a certain distance. If she’s too far away, the gun will power down. It can be an important cue for enemies, as they will know that Killjoy left the site and there might not be anyone around.

If used carefully, Killjoy’s Turret is all the support she’ll need in holding a site. Placing it in such a way that enemies do not have a clear shot, but the Turret sees them can be very helpful. You can find such spots in many sites by scouting for yourself, so be sure to look in every corner. 

2. Alarmbot 


The Alarmbot is a useful gadget for knowing enemy movements. It is a small device that informs Killjoy if enemies have breached the perimeter. The agent can deploy a single bot for 200 credits anywhere. 

When placed, the bot goes into hiding. It only comes out when the enemy enters its radius of detection. The bot then jumps and detonates, leaving opponents in a state of vulnerability for four seconds. Killjoy then knows that the enemy has made a step closer, and she can also take them out if they’re too close to her. 

Only Killjoy and her teammates can see the bot’s position in the game. It won’t be visible to enemies. However, if an enemy is close, they will hear a sound cue that tells them of a bot nearby. Enemies can shoot and destroy the bot, but Killjoy will also know if the bot is destroyed, so it’s all about game sense. 

If Killjoy doesn’t survive the round in the early stages, the Alarmbot goes out of hiding and in a state of confusion to show that Killjoy is no more in the round. Like the Turret, this small device also works in a certain range, and when Killjoy is back, it is reactivated. Killjoy can also recall this bot back to her wristband.

3. Nanoswarm


Killjoy’s Nanoswarm is a grenade that deals significant damage to enemies who stand in its vicinity. Two of such devices are available for purchase for 200 credits. Unlike her other abilities, Killjoy cannot call her grenades back, and therefore, they either go useful or are a total waste.

It works for only four seconds, but it is quick enough to kill an enemy with Light Shields, so pistol rounds can be crucial if detonated at the right time. Unlike the Turret and Alarmbot, the Nanoswarm doesn’t power down if Killjoy is far away, so players can still defend a site even if they’re miles away. 

These grenades also have the advantage of going covert. Once deployed, the bombs will go into hiding, so an enemy won’t be able to see them from a distance. However, if the opponent is standing close to one, an alarming sound cue is there to alert them of their presence. They’re also destructible, so Killjoy mains need to practice how they place them and when to detonate.

4. Lockdown


The ultimate of all ultimates – Killjoy’s Lockdown ability is one that surpasses all others in its effectiveness and impact. After collecting seven points, Killjoy is able to initiate her Lockdown. It is a device capable of sabotaging all enemies within its radius. 

Sources suggest that Killjoy received the ability from Joules, a scrapped agent idea by developers. It takes thirteen seconds for the Lockdown to ‘detain’ its victims, causing cease of gunfire and slowed movement. Players then have the chance to move in and eliminate any opponents they encounter in a state of detention. 

Many people have now found a way to counter this ability by baiting one player and taking out Killjoy in a trade, so one needs to be careful in these scenarios now. 

Lockdown can be initiated anywhere on the map. It then covers a big enough radius that can span an entire site, giving Killjoy a chance to relieve some pressure in tough scenarios. However, the Lockdown is destructible, so you’ll need to watch for flanks that could ruin your push and even take you out from behind. 

Killjoy’s Performance in Official Matches

In terms of performance, Killjoy is an agent that doesn’t receive the appreciation she deserves. Her pick rate doesn’t even make it into the top seven, according to Valorbuff. Killjoy’s pick rate has been only 19.7% in the past 30 days. She lags way behind the leaders in the list like Raze, Chamber, and Reyna.  

On the contrary, her conversion rate is massive. She has won 51% of her matches, coming in second on the list. Raze is just ahead of her by 1%. Brimstone follows her closely in the race, securing victory in 50.9% of his matches. It means that Killjoy is an agent that can have a massive impact in any game. 

Taking a closer look in lobbies, Killjoy is mostly utilized in Bronze lobbies, where her pick rate is 21.03%. Radiant lobbies have picked the agent barely, accounting for only 3.49% of the cumulative number. Iron and Silver-ranked matches account for 18% of Killjoy picks, with the number dwindling down as the ranks go up.  

However, the win percentage for Killjoy mains is quite significant. The average win percentage is close to 49%, with Iron lobbies securing 51.15% of their 18.04% picks. Radiant matches have the best conversion rate, clinching victories at 49.93% with such a low pick rate. Other ranks have a consistent and close win rate as compared to these two. 

The Vandal still remains the undisputed champion of all weapons in the game. Killjoy mains have used the Vandal in 38.5% of the total kills, 20.1% of those due to headshots. Next in line is the Phantom, accumulating a measly 17.7% total kill percentage. Spectre, Classic, and the Ghost make a list, with 13.2%, 6.6%, and 5.2% of the kills coming from these weapons, respectively. 

How to Play With Killjoy?

Valorant Killjoy

When it comes to sentinels, Killjoy is a remarkable choice. She has a defensive style of play and can provide great support without even firing a single shot. Therefore, the German sentinel can gain the upper hand in a fight by acquiring plenty of information. 

It’s no use picking Killjoy and taking fights right with the enemy. Your team should have one or two duelists who can do that for the team. Like Sage, Killjoy’s primary task is to collect information about the enemy’s plans and relay it to her team. So, rushing with Killjoy will always result in a difficult position for your team. 

The game provides ample time to buy and prepare strategies before the barriers open, and the round starts. Therefore, Killjoys need to act fast and get themselves in position (those players that go AFK because their team isn’t performing, you need to learn a lesson or two!) Placing your kit in the right place and getting your teammates in position before the battle can give you an advantage in every round.  

But Killjoy is the most beneficial in defensive rounds. Attacking isn’t Killjoy’s strong hand, and therefore, Killjoy mains should wait behind while their team rushes to clear out the site (teammates might call it baiting, but just ask them why they’re too bad to die so quickly!) Once there’s enough space, you can provide support for your teammates and then plant the spike. 

 Post-plant situations are just like defensive rounds. There are only forty seconds before the spike goes down, so the enemy will make their move quickly. Therefore, Killjoy mains need to be faster. Otherwise, you’ll lose the round in no time. 

As for teammates, certain agents can work really well with Killjoy. Agents that do not need other abilities to perform can help take the round with ease. For example, Jett, Reyna, and Yoru can be very efficient in taking kills. Bringing Omen or Cypher into the team could be a bit frustrating, as it would lead to fights between teammates. 

In terms of weapons, Killjoy is an adaptive option. The Vandal and Phantom still remain the best weapons in the game, owing to their incredible damage and accuracy. But for those strapped on cash and looking to save, any other weapon can be helpful. Killjoy isn’t on the team to lead the scoreboard. Her primary job is defense and support, and any weapon works in that situation. 

However, it would be a wise option to let Killjoy wield the big gun worth 4700 credits. Sniping is a tough job that requires players to stay back and hold angles. Killjoy can do all of that, along with using her abilities. In tight situations, the Judge can be great at flushing out opponents, causing mass panic and confusion among the enemy team. The Classic can be of great importance in pistol rounds so that Killjoy can buy her and make an impact from the get-go. 

Best Maps to Utilize Killjoy

Killjoy Valorant

Killjoy may be dependent on game sense and the player’s individual performance, but it also depends on the map. Out of the seven maps, Killjoy has a low pick rate, but her influence can never be counted out. Almost every team agrees on having a Killjoy main, but few are up for the job. That’s why she has such a high conversion rate in all ranks. 

Impressively, Killjoy has a similar win percentage of 52% on three maps: Fracture, Split, and Ascent. Although Split and Ascent are quite small maps where there’s no space for duelists like Raze and Jett to roam freely and take out enemies, Killjoy kills their breathing room even more by creating effective choke points in important areas. 

Fracture, on the other hand, is quite a large map. Therefore, she’s important to cover up sites in a very efficient manner. Defending on Fracture with Killjoy can become a nightmare for the opponents as all her utility would be enough to stop even a well-coordinated push. 

Killjoy has the highest pick rate on Ascent with 32%. Split is her next best map, boasting 21.4% of all killjoy picks. Fracture also has a decent pick rate of 20%. 

The other four maps where Killjoy has been picked for battle are Bind, Haven, Icebox, and Breeze, respectively. With 20.1%, 18.4%, 14.8%, and 11.8%, respectively, Killjoy has a respectable win rate in all the maps, keeping her conversion rate fairly consistent. So, picking and using Killjoy requires a lot of careful thinking and conversation with teammates. 


Question: How good is Killjoy in lower-ranked lobbies? 

Killjoy might be a risky pick in matches of lower rank. Players are pushing all the time, and they don’t care about dying. However, using her utility smartly can pay off. Placing and detonating her Nanoswarm grenades could deal significant damage, while her Turret can finish them off. It all depends on your game sense. 

Question: Is Killjoy’s kit overpowered?  

To be honest, yes. Killjoy’s bots can be a bit troublesome for players to get through. It’s nearly impossible to take out her bot with a one-shot in pistol rounds. But, as they’re meant to gather information and deal some damage to the enemies, you can’t really complain about those things. Her kit is destructible, so you have a chance if you manage to kill her early in the round. 

Question: What is the best agent to counter Killjoy? 

To be fair, any duelist would be great to take out Killjoy before she becomes a nuisance. But, in my opinion, Neon would be the best agent to take out Killjoy. Her enhanced speed allows her to push sites like no other agent, making her a constant threat to sentinels. With one good push, Neon can bring Killjoy down. 

Killjoy Valorant Guide: Conclusion

To be concise, Killjoy is an effective agent who can make incredible plays. We’ve already seen some great plays from professional players, and this only tells us that the agent still has a lot to offer. 

There’s a lot one needs to become an expert Killjoy main. It won’t be easy since holding sites will be difficult if your teammates aren’t good enough (we’re talking about insta-lockers and Phoenix!) Once you’re done learning, it won’t be a problem ranking up in matches.

However, opting for Killjoy doesn’t mean that your Turret will do all the killing for you. Stay focused and coordinate with your teammates to keep your enemies where they belong – out of the picture! Now that you’ve read the whole guide, get out there and become the sentinel that you were meant to be. Be sure to smirk when Killjoy says: 

“I knew it would all work out; it always does.”

– Killjoy, on Match Win

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